Being in love with items of our past :)

Dear visitor, my story is simple - I simply felt in love with old wood - its lovely timeworn patina, a rough grain surface, its scent :) When I'm hunting for these beauties, I always come across some other pieces of history that are worth to put them in our modern or farmhouse environment, as a memory of our past :) Recleaned, preserved, embelished or with a completely new role - they all deserve another chance :)

I have many years of experience in selling antiques and vintage items. I started selling on European sites and was quite successful, but I wanted to join a special channel for the antiquities, which GoAntiques certainly is. 
I hope you will enjoy visiting WoodHistory shop - shop with carefully selected vintage & antique items from Europe. Thank you for stopping by and of course – you are very welcome to ask if you might have further questions :)

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