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Thank you for visiting COLLECTOR DELIGHTS. You will find a variety of items such as old books and mostly FIRST editions, porcelain, figurines, glassware, dolls etc. as I do not specialize in any particular area. I have been with since 2004. I have had a keen interest in collecting most of my life and feel I have a good eye for the collectible and the unique or future collectible. I have always looked for the unusual item. I believe you will find that my prices are very competitive. At times I reduce prices on items that have been sitting to long.  UNLESS AN UNUSUAL ITEM, I NORMALLY DO NOT CHARGE ANY PACKAGING FEES AND I MAKE NO PROFIT ON POSTAGE FEES AS I CHARGE THE SAME AS THE SHIPPER(NORMALLY USPS OR UPS). I will continuously be hunting for new and interesting collectibles so please visit often and feel free to email me with any questions, comments or offers.

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