The American Presidency is a unique institution of governance and history.  Created " the people, for the people..." as a symbol of the democratic spirit, each president carries the hopes, inspiration and dreams of all of its fellow citizens.  While not always living up to the highest ideals, each president has greatness within them that always propels the national will to greatness nonetheless.

At the Presidential Gallery, we celebrate those who have held the Office of President of the United States and those who wished to by offering the unique memorabilia of their lives, their campaigns, and their presidency so that we may all never lose sight of the historical and national importance of those we address as Mr. President.  

The Presidential Gallery in no way affiliates with any political party, ideology, institution, or special interest.  We enjoy retelling the story of the United States through the unique historic artifacts and memorabilia of our Founding Fathers and our presidents.  Perhaps your story is here, too.