Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques has been in business since 1995. I sell a general line of antiques including dishes, teapots, cookie jars, depression glass, primitive country antiques for the home, quilts, flue covers, and other decorative antique and country items. I also specialize in dolls from the 1850’s to the 1950’s. The many dolls that I sell include German bisque, composition, cloth, hard plastics, china head dolls, and boudoir (bed) dolls.. The well known companies that represent these dolls I sell include: Kestner, Heubach, Handwerck, Nippon, Hertel & Schwab, and AM (Armand Marseille), Effanbee, Ideal, Arranbee, Madame Alexander, Vogue, and Deluxe Reading Co. The popular doll names include: Bye-Lo baby, Dream Baby, Scootles, Bubbles, Patsy family, Shirley Temple, both composition and vinyl, Dionne Quints, many of the Madame Alexander dolls, both composition and hard plastic, Ginny, Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsy, Dydee baby, Terri Lee, Toni, Revlon, Nancy Ann Storybook, Ginnette, Jill, Muffie, Toodles, Chatty Cathy and Thumbelina just to name some of them. I also have many that are not online so just ask if you are looking for something not listed. And lastly I sell toys from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. They include Disney, space toys, wind up toys, battery toys, diecast toys, Victorian picture puzzles, antique Teddy Bears and other animals, doll furniture, doll clothes, dolls trunks, doll house furniture and doll accessories. I do doll and antique shows in Ohio, New York, Indiana, and Michigan. I live in a rural area so many items can still be purchased at reasonable prices. I keep a wish book for my customers that are looking for something I don’t have so I keep a look out for these items for them. I hope you enjoy looking at my items and that you will keep coming back to see what I have available that you may like. Please have a happy time re-living the past with these many childhood memories.