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Welcome to L&L Tiques, Inc. Here you will find a vast array of vintage advertising including paper and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera, antique toys and much more. We sell old unique items obtained from estate sales and auctions and also offer a nice selection of NOS. We are modern day vintage treasure hunters bringing you excellent deals on genuine advertising memorabilia and antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at our walk down memory lane. There is something in the store for everyone!

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Twenty (20) vintage labels. The title is EXPOSITION . Label says trademarks registered in 1911 and 1912. Fruit crate labels have become highly collectible for ...


6 Vintage Cracker Jack Fortune Teller Clown-Fish Prizes, made in Japan, these are very old Cracker Jack Toys that were in the box as a gift, you will receive 3 ...


MINI-TOBY MUGS - Set of 2 different 70 years old, pre-war Japan, 2 tall, hand painted


Antique 1896 NEW ENGLAND RAILROAD CO. receipt, 8x6


1940's Tipperary Tobacco Window Poster, about 13 tall, paper poster, shows a man smoking a pipe, great condition..


FIGHT COMMUNISM POSTER STAMP 1949, 1 x 2 , Statue of Liberty, U.S. Flag, and nasty snake


1960’s PRESIDENT PINBACK PRINTERS PROOFS - Set of 25 assorted 1960’s-76, 2”, 2½” & 4” sq., pictures Nixon, LBJ, Humphrey, Ford, etc


Four vintage SKELLY OIL CO ADVERTISING NAPKINS 7 square, folded, to clean your steering wheel


6 VINTAGE 1985 Spuds McKenzie Pinbacks Bud Light, Budweiser, lincensed and dated 1985, about 3 , all in Mint condition..


Set of 4 Davy Crockett Large Transfers, about 7 inches tall, old store stock from the 1950s, one pictures Davy fighting and Indian, another him fighting a bear,...


BIRDS & THE BEES COLLECTION - Set of 6 different 1950’s, c4” x 9”, very thick figural cardboard, colorful, 3 birds, dragonfly, bee, etc. used in drugstores ...


You will get 100 vintage 9 postcards that was produced when Martin Luther King died in 1968. The back says they were made by Sum Ho Bun Lee in Washington, D.C....


Vintage Collectible 1969 Dr. Pepper Bottle Hanger Tags - 5 1/2 tall thin cardboard tag that hung on a Dr. Pepper bottle. You filled it in to try and win a Dr. ...


Vintage Collectible 1960s 7up Carton Insert - Tells about what is 7up? Printer's mark on base shows they were made in 1964. Unused stock from an old 7up plant...


12 vintage Nesbitt's Soda Monster Bottle Hanger, about 9 1/4 tall, great little monster on the front, this was used for all the flavors...


Vintage 1950's Mission Orange Soda Bank Can, from 1954 came from and old warehouse in Columbus, these were found empty with the lids on them..


Vintage BRITISH WAR RELIEF SOCIETY matchbook, some matches used, 1940S


Vintage 6x2 LASALLE BOTTLING COCA COLA Soda Receipt dated 1955 in excellent condition


Vintage 1945 Automobile Policy, folds out to about 11 or more - will arrive folded as found


3 Vintage 1963 Fuel Oil receipts, 4x6 in good shape for their age