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We are Country Creations Antiques, a division of AGZ Enterprises, Inc., and have been in the antique business since 1976. We specialize in antique quilts, quilt tops, blocks and original vintage fabrics from the 1860's to the 1980's. Plus sewing collectibles, such as, old children's sewing machines, buttons, needle cases and much more. We have a large selection of children's and juvenile series books from the mid 1800's to the 1970's. These are first editions for the serious collector and also later editions and printings for the casual collector who is looking for memories and not first editions. We also have a general mix from advertising collectibles to small furniture.

 In an attempt to help our customers and make our pages easier to search, we have instituted the addition of a 2 or 3 letter code at the end of some of the Item Description lines. These include the letters QLT if you are searching for antique quilts, QTP for antique quilt tops, QB for quilt blocks, QM for back issues of quilting magazines, FSK for vintage feedsack material, PTB for patterns and pattern books, QK for quilting books and MZ for magazines other than quilting magzines and CK for cookbooks. All vintage fabric can be found using the words vintage fabric and if you want it broken down by age, use vintage fabric 1880 or vintage fabric 1930. Use the "SEARCH STORE" feature and enter the code or item name or number. Books are searchable by the title or the character name, IE: Raggedy Ann or Nancy Drew or if you want to see all of the books available, use the word "book" when you search. All items on sale at reduced prices can be found using the words: SALE ITEM. Thanks and Good Antiquing. Country Creations Antiques,  Jackson, WI 53037.

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO ACCEPT BOTH VISA and MASTERCARD billed directly to you.  Please email us your phone number so that we can call you for your credit card information so that it stays secure since GoAntiques has stopped collecting this data for dealers.

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A 1937-38 catalogue of Cine'-Kodak accessories with their prices. This 20 page booklet shows all of the latest accessory items for Kodak movie cameras including...


This old Watkins Cinnamon tin held 8 ozs of the "Purest Ground Spices". It is in good condition with only a minor scratch or two on the painted surfac...


This is a very nice small oval Winnebago Indian basket or bowl. It is in good overall condition but does have some minor damage on one end at the bottom. Three ...


A set of 4 pieces consisting of two pitchers for vinegar and oil plus salt & peppers. The pitchers are 4" tall x 2 1/4" in diameter plus the handl...


These are 3 Tootsie Toy metal cars. They are in good condition. The yellow pickup has no scratches, but the blue station wagon and the roadster both have paint ...


This is a copy of the "Three Little Pigs And How They Went Out Into The Wide World To Seek Their Fortunes". It was published by the David McKay Compan...


A nice set of salt and peppers with apples painted on them. In good condition with no chips or other damage.


A set of clear glass salt & peppers on a glass tray. They have red plastic tops on the glass bottles. In good condition with no chips.


Two old small metal cars that are 2 1/2" long. They have the hard rubber tires with metal axles. Both have some paint loss due to wear.


A nice set of brown teapot salt ansd peppers. In good condition with no chips or other damage. Complete with the corks in the bottoms.


This is a small tin train engine. It is green in color with red, black and silver colors for accents. It has only two wheels in the back and it is friction powe...


These 2 metal cars both have the metal or lead wheels. The red one is in perfect condition with no wear or marks. The yellow one has some wear on the paint but ...


A nice set of pigs salt and peppers. One labeled "I'm Salt" and the other "I'm Pepper". In good condition with no chips or cracks.


A plastic Easter bunny and egg candy container. Happy Easter is written on the front of the open egg the bunny is holding. It is in excellent condition with no ...


This is an old Weston Photographic products booklet. It advertises their light meters, photo analyzer, thermometer, etc. It is a 16 page booklet full of informa...


This is an old halloween costume from the 40's. The costume is a Spanish Girl for a child, size Large 12-14). It is complete with its original box and in good c...


A nice set of quail salt and peppers. Male and female quail. In good condition with no chips or cracks.


Set of little browm jugs salt & peppers. Original corks still in the jugs. No chips or damages.


An indian boy and girl playing on drums salt & peppers. In good condition with no chips or cracks. Still have their original corks in the bases.


Rosebud salt and peppers. No chips or caracks.