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Welcome to L&L Tiques, Inc. Here you will find a vast array of vintage advertising including paper and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera, antique toys and much more. We sell old unique items obtained from estate sales and auctions and also offer a nice selection of NOS. We are modern day vintage treasure hunters bringing you excellent deals on genuine advertising memorabilia and antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at our walk down memory lane. There is something in the store for everyone!

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Old vintage enriched TIP-TOP is Better Bread. This paper visor features a loaf of bread and a baseball. An elastic spans the back of the visor. Store giveaway b...


c1950s - PAPA HAN’S ROYAL CUT MEAT BOX c1950’s, 3” x 5½” x 10”, pictures grandpa with mustache smoking a pipe


CAESARS CASINO TAFFY CANDY BUS box, unused, flat, some beat up from age. Approx. 7 long.


ONE DOZEN EGG FANCY CHICKEN BOX, approx. 7 long, flat, c1950s


TIPPERARY SMOKING BOX, c1940, approx. 3 , folded flat


1940’s Culture cardboard tobacco box looks much older. Produced during WWII when metal was scarce. They used the same design that was on the 1920’s Culture toba...


Vintage circa 1950 Johnson's popcorn boxes. These are unfilled store boxes that contained uncooked popcorn. The one is the 10 ounce size, and the other the 1 lb...


Cardboard STOCK REDUCING STORE SIGN, 7x11; 1930s only one I have only one I have ever seen -- doublesided


Up for consideration old vintage COMPOTE ORANGE AMBERINA GLASS, approx. 7 high and appears to be in excellent condition. We obtained this from an estate auctio...


SUNLITE BREAD DIECUT BLOTTER SIGN, excellent condition, 5 long.

$14.95 OBO

HERALD LIFE INSURANCE advertising fan in great shape, approx. 7 inches.


Four old 5 tall cone shaped ice cream sundae container. Says Served in a Twinkle and marked Copyright 1935 . Unused old stock made by the Vortex Cup Company...


2 old vintage HABANA CIGAR PACKAGES, c1910, 5 long, pictures smoking cigar, cardboard pack holds 1 cigar


Circa 1920-30's these sturdy wicker baskets were used to collect wool samples and remnants in mills and factories. A sturdy attractive basket with a large weave...


Circa 19030-40's - These tin pots were once used to gather tree resin for repairs to furniture and roofing. An excellent garden item! Width 4 Length 0 Height 5 ...


Circa 1930-40's galvanized metal sap bucket from Canada. Only one up for consideration. Approximately: Width 8 inches Height 13 inches Weight 2 pounds Vintage C...


Old vintage 14k gold inlaid grecian creamer, approximately 6x3, marked McCoy with the number on bottom. Obtained at an estate sale in New York City. Excellent c...


c1940s is a set of four (4) old vintage Lefton Rose Cameo Ribbon Vases, approximately 5 high; some wear to the vases, and some discoloration on front of one. M...


2 old vintage AUH20 BARRY GOLDWATER political pins, male and female, approx. 1/2 each


Old vintage Army General Paper Cutouts, 3 , 4 PAPER CUTOUTS, obtained at an estate sale c1940s

$64.95 OBO