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Trading Stamp Box


Top of the Range Baking Cookbook


Tin, Prince Albert Tobacco


Tin, "McCormick's, Paprika


McCormick Ground Nutmeg Spice, Net Weight 1.37oz. Metal can, made USA, Baltimore, MD 21202, dated 1977. Has a little rust on bottom edge. Measuring: Height 2-1...


Tin, "Ann Page', Nutmeg


This neat small tin can Measuring H 3 X Radius 1 3/8 with a lid really unusial


Tin - Epsom Salts


Tie Tac's - Gold


Tie Tac's - Gold


Tie Tac's - Gold


Tie Tac - Silver - Oval


Tie Tac - Gold And Tigereye


Thermometer in Original Box Made by Westinghouse


Meat Tenderizer


Tablecloth, White Lace


Tablecloth, Lace, Ecru


Library Table with Shelf


This all original sugar bucket with original lid (all wood) and (2) wooden bands and wooden bail steamed to work "what talent" Measuring H 12 X Diame...


Step Stool -- Green