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Vintage Deck of 52 cards.  This vintage plastic coated card deck is in pedal rose pattern. P. Do Deluxe on the outside of the box.  Complete in the o...


Vintage Flinch 1903 Card Game - This vintage card game is dated 1903.  It has all the cards 110, complete. The red box is torn but complete.  The car...


Vintage Cleaner Rifle Bore - This vintage cleaner rifle bore can is in good condition.  The Curran Corp, Malden, Mass.   1.  We need your z...


Vintage HALL Colored Creamers - This vintage colored creamer is in good condition, NO chips, NO cracks.  HALL made in USA   1.  We need you...


Vintage Waist Shaper - This complete vintage package was never opened.  Item WSI  Mends all kind of things belts - stitch to the ditch.  Steps 1...


Vintage Sprayer - This vintage sprayer has the brand mark FLINT.  The canister is glass (brown) in color.  It has been well used and it still works!!...


Vintage Oil Lamp Metal with Chimney - This vintage oil lamp with chimney has a brass base.  It is in good condition and is very attractive. 1.  We...


Vintage Berry Bucket - This vintage berry bucket is old rustic look with lid and loop on lid to open.  It is on good condition.   1.  We ne...


Vintage Nail Buffer with Lid -  This original vintage nail buffer with lid is in good condition. The base is green.     1.  We need y...


Vintage Index Tabs  - These original index tabs of the alphabet are by Dennison.  The box looks like a book with binder and corners.  Good condi...


Vintage Paper Clamps Large - These vintage paper clamps are Nesting Brand No. #l.  ORIGINAL  The box size is Height 1-3/4" x Width 2-1/2" D...


Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Attachments  -  This vintage box of sewing machine attachments are in their original box (Green) with Singer on the out...


Vintage Steel Tip Pens (Fountain Pens) - These Eagle brand steel tip pens are used as a replacement for fountain pens.  They are in their original box Eag...


Zinc Hoosier Work Top


Zinc Hoosier Work Top


World Bank


World Bank


Wool Spats


Wooden Wall Hanger-Metal Lined


Wooden Spools - String Of 20