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Welcome to Truetiques, Inc.. Here you will find a vast array of vintage advertising including paper and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera, antique toys and much more. We sell old unique items obtained from estate sales and auctions and also offer a nice selection of NOS. We are modern day vintage treasure hunters bringing you excellent deals on genuine advertising memorabilia and antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at our walk down memory lane. There is something in the store for everyone!

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up for consideration, old vintage MR. DEELISH POPCORN BOX, c1950s, approx. 7" tall


up for consideration, old vintage Dr. Blumer's Extract Box, approx. 5 inches tall, great condition, c1950s


CABISSMANN'S STROP DRESSING BOX 1910’s, 1" x 1" x 4½", box, pictures man shaving


OWENS DAIRY CHEER ICE CREAM BOX - Dated 1939, 2½” x 2” x 4”, silhouette, of colonial man and lady


Old All American Plastic Police Toy Whistle Display from 1950s 1¼" x 7½" x 7½", colorful box, pictures uniformed traffic cop...


PEPSI-COLA SERVING TRAY -- 1950’s, 12½” diameter, tin litho, Coney Island beach scene, shows many Pepsi items, mint condition


POLITICAL PINS SPECIAL - Set of 9 different 1960’s, includes LBJ


PITTSBURGH PENGUINS PINBACK -- 1989, 3” diameter, pictures no-nonsense penguin hockey player


KILROY IS HERE WOODEN NOVELTY PIN $14.00 PB07 1940’s, attached to illustrated 3" x 4" original card. Pin is never been used and is in excellent condit...


BEVERLY HILLS HOMESITE PINBACK BADGE - 1928, 1" x 1½", famous California housing development


Marked "Japan," 13" long, may have minor non-intrusive holes, trim color may differ from one shown.


Old vintage c1960s HACIENDA MEXICAN MATCHBOOK, excellent condition.


Old vintage 2x2 SEXY LADY pocket folding knife. Not sure exactly how old, probably c1970s, in very good shape


Wonderful piece of 1950s memorabilia from the fictional western character, a metal scarf ring in the shape of a sombrero imprinted “© THE CISCO KID,” 1-3/4...


This is a set of 6 different/separate factory die-cut pieces...each into the exact shape of the image shown. They are unmounted, ready to be framed or wallpaper...


old vintage ICE CREAM DISH STORE SIGN POSTER WITH COSTUMED LADY, 1958, 3 images - 30X22; Pure Americana, full color poster intended to be utilized as point-of-p...


old vintage ICE CREAM DISHES WITH WOMEN POSTER SIGN 4 images, dated 1960 -- 20x27; Pure Americana, full color poster intended to be utilized as point-of-purchas...


old vintage Sports ICE CREAM POSTER SIGN 3 images, dated 1953 -- 47x38; Pure Americana, full color poster intended to be utilized as point-of-purchase displays ...


MINIATURE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING SOUVENIR VIEWER, plastic 4-3/4” model of the Empire State Building with a “Scenic Viewer” in the base with 8 photographic scenes...

$65.00 OBO

old vintage BASEBALL PLAYERS POSTER SIGN 4 images, dated 1950 -- 45x38; Pure Americana, full color poster intended to be utilized as point-of-purchase displays ...