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Located in Orange County, California, Aversa Antique Gallery sells a variety of antiques, fine art, and collectibles on their website. Although they carry a varied selection of Antiques and Collectibles, they specialize in antique photographica including stereoscopes and stereo views, cabinet photographs, Carte de Visites, Tintypes, Ambrotypes, and Daguerreotypes.

Mike and Sally Aversa are both "Certified Personal Property Appraisers".  They have been avid collectors for over 25 years and have provided Appraisals and Estate Sales for almost 20 years!  They are both sought after speakers providing lectures on antiques and collectibles.

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Listings from Aversa Antique Gallery

LIMITED EDITION GONE WITH THE WIND COLLECTOR PLATE... featuring MELANIE . The plate is housed in a plate frame, and is excellent condition


SUPER TINTYPE IMAGE... featuring what appears to be a father and daughter; the image is super strong and sharp. hand coloring has be done on the faces and bow i...


CUTE GIRL WITH HER CHINA HEAD DOLL... a great photograph featuring a young girl holding her doll. a very desirable photograph for the antique doll collector;


A WONDERFUL TINTYPE... featuring two ladies dressed the same, possible sisters; very clear and sharp photograph;


GREAT COLOR CLOSE UP PHOTO OF Michael J. Fox... Fox is best know for his movie and television shows, including: Back to the Future and Spin City!


A GREAT COLLECTION OF ALAN LADD MEMORABILIA... 1) a signed letter from Alan Ladd on his letterhead; 2) membership card in the Alan Ladd Fan Club; 3) TWO photos ...


DURANTE UP CLOSE!! An outstanding close-up photo of funny man Jimmy Durante. Image 2 shows the statement taped to the back side... this photo was released by NB...




A WONDERFUL STRAW DECORATED WOODEN BOX... which appears to have been made in Austria. On the box top, there is a handpainted castle on a hill. Although some...


VINTAGE VIEWMASTER.... 3 pack set of Austria including booklet.


WORLD WAR I STEREOVIEW - Nice Stereo View of a WORLD WAR I STEREOVIEW - Zeppelin flying over a German Town during WWI. There is a full description on the back s...


WORLD WAR I STEREOVIEW - Our answer to the Kaiser - 3,000 of America's millions eager to fight for democracy. The flip side has more to the story of WWI. Please...


WORLD WAR I STEREOVIEW - To pass the time to and from the war the men held boxing matches. Read more about it on the reverse side of this World War I stereoview...


GRANDMA WHITEHALL AND HER GIRLS... a great Carte de Visite (CDV); the photo has the names written on the lower margin: Grandma Whitehall, Martha, Sarah, and Fru...


A RARE CABINET PHOTOGRAPH... featuring a young girl and her dog. Because of the photographic time process, it is rare to find a dog in a photo... much less a do...


A VERY LARGE VICTORIAN FAMILY PORTRAIT. This photo is very unusual because of its size. You'd normally find a family photo in a cabinet card size photo. See all...


A rare photo of a family taken outside. Rarer still is evidence of Victorian anger-therapy management, where someone has scratched out the faces on two of the r...


VERY NICE SADDLE BLANKET... featuring diamond shapes, and straight line design; some bleeding of the red dye; appears to be wool


GREAT DIE CUT TRUCK BY LLEDO... replica of a 1920 Model T, Red Crown Gasoline Truck. Lledo is no longer making die cast trucks, and these are becoming very coll...


GREAT DIE CUT TRUCK BY LLEDO... replica of a 1930s/40s Pearl Oil Van. Lledo is no longer making die cast trucks, and these are becoming very collectible!