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Details Unlimited offers a wide variety of antiques & collectibles. We also have hand made furniture & hand painted furniture items, pantry doors & MUCH MORE! Please browse items, I have over 4000 items listed.

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Beautiful triple strand black glass beaded choker. The beads are faceted & each bead is seperated by a small round bead. It is not marked. The choker is 14 ...


Vintage corn salt & pepper shaker. They are 2 shades of green and yellow plastic. They are not marked. They are 2 tall.


Vintage mid century modern rocket shaped Kasin ball point salt & pepper shaker. They are yellow and clear plastic. They are marked V.A. Kasin Molded Produc...


Vintage carded wood salt & pepper shaker set with a matching holder. They are not marked Mexico. They are painted red & black & have a neat carved d...


Vintage wooden bell shaped salt & pepper shaker set. They are not marked & they have cork stoppers. 5 tall


Vintage little old lady salt & pepper shaker set. They are not marked. They are really to cute looking over their glasses & holding big wooden spoons. T...


Vintage Indian couple salt & pepper shaker set marked JAPAN in green. They are really to cute she's looking all innocent & he's winking & pointing h...


Sweet little vintage clown salt & pepper shaker set marked JAPAN in black. They are hand painted & they have cork stoppers. 4 1/2 tall


American Indian print signed & numbered by Brooks Henson. It is titled And Her Father Cried The print is so well done, but it really tears my heart out. ...


Vintage porcelain bread & butter salt & pepper shakers. Great loaf of bread with a stick of butter. The butter has a banner that reads Michigan City, I...


Vintage sweet little singing choir children salt & pepper shakers. They have noise makers in their gowns but, I can't get them to make a sound. They have t...


Unusual handpainted novelty figural salt & pepper shakers. The pregnant lady in a short blue dress & black high heels with a caption below her that read...


Vintage ship salt & pepper shakers. They are the most beautiful color of kiwi green. They have cork stoppers. They are not marked. They are 3 tall.


Vintage brass bugle salt & pepper shakers with glass inserts & stainless steel lids. They are not marked. They are 2 3/4 tall.


Vintage copper toaster salt & pepper shakers. It is marked Tucker Products Corp. Leominster, Mass Made in the U.S.A. It measures 3 x 4


Beautiful hand painted peach lustre salt & pepper shakers. They are stamped Japan. They have cork stoppers. 1 3/4 tall. I have 2 sets.


3 glass canisters with wooden lids & a wooden holder. The lids have plastic inserts for a tight fit. The canisters are 6 tall & the holder is 15 wid...


Vintage candle salt & pepper shakers with goldtone metal candleholders. The shakers are clear plastic tubes w/red & green lids. The metal holders are in...


Vintage glass hanging salt & pepper shakers with a silvertone metal bell & clear plastic eagle for the holder. The glass shakers have metal lids. The be...


Vintage wood & brass pipe salt & pepper shakers w/brass rack. This set also includes a cork screw & a bottle opener. The tops & the utensils are...