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Vintage Antique Picture Frame - This vintage Antique picture frame has 2-1/4 to the glass with a picture of a baby in a dress. Old frame has some wear on the...


Vintage Antique Country Picture - This great old looking country picture with the stream running in autumn picture with colored leaves and the large tree swayi...


Vintage Antique Wooden Picture Frame - This vintage wooden picture frame has nice mortised corners with fancy edges, in good condition and in a warm brown colo...


Vintage Sampler Being Happy Plate - This vintage sampler Being Happy with shapes on the plate with writing Being Happy Doesn't Mean That Everything is Per...


.Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - The tree cookie cutter has a red handle and is made of aluminum.


Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - This cookie cutter is a tree with aluminum handle for marking cookie dough.


.Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - Cookie cutter Santa is small with green knob. Made of aluminum


Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - Cookie cutter Santa Claus with aluminum handle. .


Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - Donut cutter for marking donuts before putting them in the grease for frying. Has a green knob for the handle.


Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - This cookie cutter is aluminum and open with outside frame of a snowman. For pressing out snowman cookies.


Vintage Antique Cookie Cutter - This snowman cookie cutter is aluminum with an aluminum handle. Use for pressing out snowman cookies.


Vintage Antique Milk Stool - This vintage milk stool is metal with a door and a small shelf space between set and door. The space inside is 9-1/4 deep and si...


Vintage Antique Nylon Brush - This great looking clean brush with wood backing and aluminum cover over the wood looks like they were never used Measuring: Hei...


Vintage Antique Replacement Filler - This great original box is very colorful with replacement filler NO 21F. Fitsnarrow neck half pint vacuum bottle. Manufac...


Vintage Antique Sta Rite Thermos - This nice looking gold thermos was made in USA with aluminum screw on lid and glass insert for liquid . Deep red in colo...


Vintage Antique Thermos All Season - This great looking All Season Vacuum Bottle keeps liquids hot or cold. Made in U S of America. Measuring: Height 10 x ...


Vintage Antique Thermos - This great looking red thermos with design at bottom and top before lid. Made in USA Icy-Hot Pat #B2210 Norwich, Conn. The American...


Vintage Antique Barber Chair - This great old antique barber chair has solid oak seat with a spindled back (3 spindles missing) and a padded head rest. Als...


Vintage Antique Basket - This great looking square basket that has a slight slope from front to back with a heavier weaver on the top handle measures 7 above...


Vintage Antique Basket - This great looking basket with some depth (6 ) can hold a lot of those special items for display. Great looking basket weave with a ...