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Vintage Flinch 1903 Card Game - This vintage card game is dated 1903.  It has all the cards 110, complete. The red box is torn but complete.  The car...


Vintage Cleaner Rifle Bore - This vintage cleaner rifle bore can is in good condition.  The Curran Corp, Malden, Mass.   1.  We need your z...


Vintage HALL Colored Creamers - This vintage colored creamer is in good condition, NO chips, NO cracks.  HALL made in USA   1.  We need you...


Vintage Waist Shaper - This complete vintage package was never opened.  Item WSI  Mends all kind of things belts - stitch to the ditch.  Steps 1...


Vintage Sprayer - This vintage sprayer has the brand mark FLINT.  The canister is glass (brown) in color.  It has been well used and it still works!!...


Vintage Oil Lamp Metal with Chimney - This vintage oil lamp with chimney has a brass base.  It is in good condition and is very attractive. 1.  We...


Vintage Berry Bucket - This vintage berry bucket is old rustic look with lid and loop on lid to open.  It is on good condition.   1.  We ne...


Vintage Nail Buffer with Lid -  This original vintage nail buffer with lid is in good condition. The base is green.     1.  We need y...


Vintage Index Tabs  - These original index tabs of the alphabet are by Dennison.  The box looks like a book with binder and corners.  Good condi...


Vintage Paper Clamps Large - These vintage paper clamps are Nesting Brand No. #l.  ORIGINAL  The box size is Height 1-3/4" x Width 2-1/2" D...


Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Attachments  -  This vintage box of sewing machine attachments are in their original box (Green) with Singer on the out...


Vintage Steel Tip Pens (Fountain Pens) - These Eagle brand steel tip pens are used as a replacement for fountain pens.  They are in their original box Eag...


Zinc Hoosier Work Top


Zinc Hoosier Work Top


World Bank


World Bank


Wool Spats


Wooden Wall Hanger-Metal Lined


Wooden Spools - String Of 20


Wooden Spatula