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Located in Orange County, California, Aversa Antique Gallery sells a variety of antiques, fine art, and collectibles on their website. Although they carry a varied selection of Antiques and Collectibles, they specialize in antique photographica including stereoscopes and stereo views, cabinet photographs, Carte de Visites, Tintypes, Ambrotypes, and Daguerreotypes.

Mike and Sally Aversa are both "Certified Personal Property Appraisers".  They have been avid collectors for over 25 years and have provided Appraisals and Estate Sales for almost 20 years!  They are both sought after speakers providing lectures on antiques and collectibles.

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Listings from Aversa Antique Gallery

A VERY UNIQUE ITEM!! A nicely detailed, carved high top shoe with a small critter at the toe.


VINTAGE CRYSTAL PERFUME BOTTLE... by IW Rice... light pink color. Faded sticker on bottom.


VERY NICE PAIR OF BOOKENDS... featuring a sailing ship. Marked with 818 on the back. Need a bit of cleaning, but in very good condition


LIMITED EDITION 2005 ROSE PARADE LAPEL PIN... featuring the 2005 Grand Marshal, MICKEY MOUSE. Mickey Mouse was chosen for the 2005 Rose Parade in celebration of...


BEAUTIFULLY FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS BALLROOM SCENE... BY LUDWIG GSCHOSMANN (GSCHOSSMANN); Gschossmann, German born, 1894-1988; known for his wonderful ballroom sc...


RAVING BEAUTY DOLL made by Artisan.... The body on this doll is in very good condition, but her hair needs a bit of help. I don't believe the clothes to be orig...


BEAUTIFUL AMETHYST COLOR ART GLASS VASE, made by Rossini Glass, Italy. Partial paper label on side. In very good condition except for a couple of very tiny chip...


A NICELY CARVED AFRICAN BUST... made of all wood, Possibly TEAK wood. See image 2 for full length view.


VICTORIAN CHOCOLATE POT, with the most BEAUTIFUL ENAMEL work you've ever seen. The whole pot is covered with fantastic enamel work and hand painted floral desig...


GREAT STEREOSCOPE... featuring a nicely etched aluminum hood. This SCOPE features its original hood felt and a folding handle. The scope will come with FIVE st...


BREWSTER HAND HELD STEREOSCOPE ... for viewing stereo views and French tissue views. The scope is in very good condtion. The hood opens so that light can ent...


A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF CRYSTAL LAMPS... featuring a lovely solid glass base, a clear etched pillar which supports ten hanging crystals, and an etched hurracaine. T...


WONDERFUL VICTORIAN FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH... This photo is very large and features dad, mom, and the three children. The father and son are sitting in a couple of...


ORIGINAL National Broadcasting Company (NBC) promo photograph for the GAME SHOW, HOLLYWOOD CALLING . The photo features the GREAT GEORGE MURPHY, who later we...


WINNIE THE POOH collector's pin by Walt Disney Collector's Society. Features Winnie the Pooh holding a tub of honey.


LIMITED EDITION GONE WITH THE WIND COLLECTOR PLATE... featuring ASHLEY . The plate is housed in a plate frame, and is excellent condition.


VERY CUTE DOLL & GIRL - LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR PLATE... HILLARY AND MIMI , from the Timeless Friends Collection; With original box and certificate.


LIMOGES CHRISTMAS PLATE... Refus D'Hebergement D'Arceau Limoges Christmas Plate. Limoges Plate Refus D'Hebergement (no Room at the Inn) plate, 3rd issue in Noel...


BEAUTIFUL LIMITED EDITION CHRISTMAS PLATE... The front says: Jule After 1969 . See IMAGE 3 for the back.