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We sell a wide variety of Antiques, Fine Art, Vintage and Collectibles items in every category. We are Certified Appraisers in all Personal Property areas. Specializing in Pottery, Porcelains, Ceramics, and all areas of Glass from Victorian to Vintage. A member of ANA, Appraisers National Association since 1999. We also provide Estate Liquidation Services through Estate Sales serving the Southern California areas. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

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Black Americana Sterling Souvenir Spoon. Bowl reads...Fort Sumter, Charleston, SC. Handle reads Sunny South. Back, Hallmarked & Sterling.


SOLD AS IS . PENCIL APPEARS TO BE GLUED INTO MOUTH OF ALLIGATOR. I WAS NOT ABLE TO REMOVE. Mini Black Americana Celluloid Letter Opener. Tourist item when trav...


Antique Whiskey Shot Glass. Acid Etching reads..Crescent Wine Co. Wholesalers. Arthur Donato, Prop. Los Angeles, Cal. The A in Wholesalers was not perfectly don...


Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Foam Scraper. Originally called Best Select and then Pabst Select. The current name came from the Blue Ribbons that were tied aro...


Vintage Miller High Life Beer Foam Scraper. Fredrick Miller, Mid 19th century began living the high life by bringing his passion for brewing from Germany to Mil...


RARE Vintage Heileman's Old Style Lager Beer Foam Scraper. Heileman Brewing Co. Of La Crosse, Wisconsin 1858-1996. Later acquired by Stroh's.