Welcome to Truetiques Antiques and Primitives (our sister site to our other store on Goantiques, Truetiques, Inc.) Here you will find a wide arrange of authentic original antiques and antique primitives from around the world. Our items come from England, France, Holland, India, Turkey as well as other places in Europe. Most of our items are more than 100 years old if not more. Many designers and decorators from all over the United States have purchased our unique antiques as most are handmade, thus making none ever the same. Our representatives and contacts find new and exotic items for us to bring to you on a regular basis. There are so many stories behind the cache of watering cans, English School Desks, Victorian garden edgings, etc. Come visit our Antiques and Primitives store for your own unique spin on your decorating needs! If there is something you are looking for we may just very well have it or be able to obtain it. Please feel free to call or email us at anytime. We are always happy to catch up with our customers. This is our wholesale part of our business. You can visit us at www.rvt01.com to buy retail. You must have a retail number or buy in bulk to buy from this site.


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French Enamel Wash Basin
Vintage large round wash basin from France circa 1920s. Dimensions are: Width 16-20 inches (diamete...
$245.00 OBO
Turkey Dough Riser
Antique Turkish long wooden trough divided into sections. Dimensions are average: Width 6-7 inches L...
$895.00 OBO
Galvanized Steel Dough Bowl
French galvanized steel dough bowl c1940s. Nowadays makes a great planter. Average dimensions are in...
$698.00 OBO
Wood Dough Bowl
Vintage 1940s wooden grande dough bowl from Holland. This Dutch primitive comes in a variety of sha...
$899.00 OBO
Wood Dough Bowl
c1930s is an original wood dough bowl from China. They are wooden and come in a variety of shapes an...
$495.00 OBO
Kitchen Wood Cutting Board
c1940s vintage wood cutting board from China. Once used in the kitchens in Asia for preparing food,...
$395.00 OBO
Steel Coal Bin Scuttle
Vintage coal bin c1930s to 1940s from England. Made of galvanized steel, each one unique and inter...
$395.00 OBO
Holland Bread Board 1940s
Primitive bread board from Holland, c1940s. Once used to serve bread in homes and restaurants in H...
$350.00 OBO
Cast Iron Clothes Iron 1940s
Vintage heavy cast metal clothes irons, c1940's. A lever on the top releases the lid and allows acc...
$345.00 OBO