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Welcome to Our Memory Gallery  Site Online Storefront!

We offer Antiques and Vintage pieces, our inventory includes

*Furniture: Empire  Louis XV and French Provincial Styles

*Art Glass: ABP Clark, Fry, Hawkes,  Bergan, Libbey, Jewel,

Fenton, Wedgwood, Depression, Carnival

* Crystal Waterford, Orrefors

*Art Pottery, Red Wing, Stangl, Haeger, Hull, Staffordshire

*China, Haviland, Royal Staffordshire, Minton , Mason

*Metals Brass, Silver Plate,  Sterling, Copper, Cast Iron

* Clocks: Mantel, Alarm, Shelf,  Wall and Grandfather.

* Collectibles: Rosenthal, Staffordshire Hummel’s, Figurines, Statues

*Art Work: Oil Paintings, Prints,  Lithographs, Silks, Acrylics



We have a variety of items to enhance your home or business with beauty.

We provide many of the highly sought after pieces that are unique rare to find and one of a kind.





We sell Antique & Vintage pieces they will not be in brand new condition , they will have imperfections, factory flaws and we do our best to describe the items and offer many photos to view  our items.


If  you have any questions about the item or condition feel free to email us and we will get back to ASAP.









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Listings from Memory Gallery

Antique Hotel Wash Stand Dresser This is an Wooden Antique hotel Wash Stand dresser has a walnut shade with a wooden carved crest on the top. It has a small ...

$650.00 OBO

Antique P & A GWTW Lamp Floral Converted Gorgeous This is a beautiful Antique P & A Gone with the Wind Style Lamp; it features beautiful painted shad...

$500.00 OBO

Large Primitive Spinning Wheel Wooden This is a Large Size Primitive Spinning Wheel with a medium shade wooden body. This will make is a great display and gr...

$350.00 OBO

Primitive Spinning Wheel Wooden Medium Size This is a Medium Size Primitive Spinning Wheel with a medium shade wooden body and metal cap. This will make&nbsp...

$275.00 OBO

Primitive Floor Stand Yarn Winder Wooden This Yard Winder features a bench holder style base with four spokes and spools holders at the tips, it has a metal ...

$300.00 OBO

Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Black Mantel Clock 1882 Seth Thomas Clocks the company was established around 1810 are made some of the most attractive and we...

$850.00 OBO

Rococo Carved Bedframe Stunning Ornate Fleur De Lis King   ON SALE FROM 4000 FRO LIMITED TIME This is an amazing work of art a masterpiece it appear...

$3,000.00 OBO

Antique Victorian Bed frame Carved Elegant Pattern   ON SALE FROM 4000 FOR LIMITED TIME This is a beautiful Carved Bedroom Frame that features Flora...

$3,000.00 OBO

Asian Carved Privacy Screen Ornate Six Panels    This is a beautiful Asian Privacy Screen with six panels connecting the piece together to create...

$1,200.00 OBO

Asian Dragon Arm Chair with Inlaid Stone Ornate Rare Find This is an old impressive work of art this intriguing wood chair in a red Mahoney color; it feature...

$850.00 OBO

Antique Glass Dakota Apothecary Jar Ornate Show Display Piece with Glass Lid This is a diamond cut pattern and matching ornate lid. The diamond shape and thu...

$200.00 OBO

Lith De Turgis Paris Prints Pair Arabian California and a Young Spanish These older prints were found on one of our travels ,they are amazing so life like. T...

$800.00 OBO

Armoire Cabinet Walnut Shade Ornate This is an Armoire with rich wood and a walnut finish. The top portion has two doors with a fleur de lis design oval meda...

$850.00 OBO

Antique Brass Hurricane Oil Lamp Converted This is an attractive brass lamp embossed with a fleur de lis designs on the body. The top of the lamp has a clear...

$300.00 OBO

Traffic Light Vintage Great Decorative Piece This is an older traffic light with three lights this is one of finds along the path; these pieces are gaining p...

$450.00 OBO