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When I started collecting at 12 I was given two pieces of advice: Buy what you like and buy the best example of it.When I decided to sell antiques and collectibles it was that I idea I have always tried to keep in mind.Thank you for taking the time to stop here and browse this collection.

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Typical London street scenes taken from period prints.


I'm not entirely certain however I think this might be a studio piece.


A pair of Fulper Candlesticks in a kind of crystal Sea Foam green, perfect addition to an Art and Crafts home.


The Sea Green color and shape is indicative of the period. There is some crazing toward the center of the bowl and it has been inscribe with and X indicating th...


The glaze is glossy and has a crystal type look to it. Very interesting piece for someone that collects this type of ceramic.


Charming little Wedgwood box in a dark green Japerware. All the pate-sur-pate work is without chips or cracks and no hairlines in this piece. In the rear of top...


Incredible Wedgwood chocolat pot, all the pate-sur-pate is pristine no chips. I have found a small fleabite on the rim of the pot and can provide further pictur...


Really one of the most unusal pieces of Amphora I have. When it's lite the colors really have beautiful saturation. Not chips, cracks or flea bites.


With the jeweled applied highlights and the dark brown matt glaze this is a classic must have Amphora piece. No chips, crack, flea bites.


Everyone I'm sure has seen hundreds of the hand painted Victorian vases. The difference is that the throat on this vase is entirly reticulated with stems coming...


Hawkes describes these as their stem #6028 plain bowl. Has a very Art Deco, very modern look. Not all the stems are marked but all of the stems most certainly a...


I love the color of these green slightly smokey goblets, really great for ice tea, they're certainly deep enough. With these, I can't offer a maker only to say ...


Not sure who made these however they are good. Probably from one of the West Virginia glass makers.


Very handsome Monmouth vase would very comfortably fit in any Arts and Crafts setting.


Classic shape in a kind of celadon backround with a top splattered glaze in plum.


I really like the Sliver Spray and Chartreuse glaze combination. Classic look for this period. I've noticed a couple of factory produce stress fractures. In my ...


Very beautiful pitcher in Blenko's emerald green.


My reference doesn't show this pitcher but the piece carries the old paper label. The pontil has been polished and it has random dents along the sides. I think ...


Although these goblets look a very deep blue in the image they are Blenko's Sky Blue color.


Blenko's Large Leaf vase with applied leaves. Perfect for a large arrangment of garden flowers.