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We have two locations in the heart of Amsterdam, in the Jordaan, one canal from the Anne Frank House. When you are next in Amsterdam, you are welcome.

Amsterdam Artiques Collectibles & Coffee Shop 2e Lauriedwarsstraat 44 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1016RB Open daily 11.00 - 00.30

Our 2nd location is at the:

Kunst & Antiekrum De looier vof Elandsgracht 109-1016 TT Amsterdam Open Daliy from 11.00-17.00 Fridays Closed

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Very large Gosho doll. Ceramic with gofun face  Very detailed painting with some loss of colour. The right hand [left on the picture] is loose in t...


Silver frame made out of silver  bible locks from 1862  and an old silver purse frame. Marked wit a walking lion, a head and some more marks. Fro...


  4 toby-jugs.  The all red one is marked  Burlington Ware and  9.3 centimeter [ 3.66 inches] high and no cracks in or chips off  The...


Antique porcelain bird feed or water bowl. They told me that it was 18th century  8 years ago when I bought it so I believe it is. One of the handles ...


2 very small antique chinese porcelain cup and saucers. 18th century. The saucers have a diameter of 8.1 centimeter. One has 4 chips off and some mouse-b...


Old book from India. Handmade paper. An indian guy told me that it is The Lessons of the Verses  Bhagavadad  Gita in marathi The first page has...


Small ivory man with moveable penis. It comes out off a collection with netsuke's, but I think that it is chinese. I do not know how old it is. The ivory...


Old chinese hat for a child. With decoration of silver. We have been testing it, and it is not silver plated. 9 small silver men [Budha\ , 2 round orname...


Old chinese hat for a chinese child. With silver coloured metal decorations: bells  and 2 fishes and some small men. Small size [for child].


Stone head, of a Kissi statue. Old, but we do not know how old, but probably very old. From the Kissi-people around Guinea and Sierra Leone. These statues were ...


Metal staue. I think the metal is Zamac but I am not sure. From around 1900. Including the wooden base around 40 centimeter high. At the wooden base is...


Bronze candle holder with small satyr boy or faun. 22 centimeter [8,66 inches] high. 19th century


Old Bank made in Czechoslovakia . Head of a Woman. No cracks in. I9.5 centimeter [3.74 inches] high. From around 1930 I suppose.


Old bank made out of some kind of plaster. Her hair is not from plaster. From around 1920. There are not many of these banks because you have to break th...


Japanese lacquerware tea box. At the cover are some flowers of bone and a bird of bone. Under the cover is an extra cover to keep the tea more fresh. The...


Japanese cloisonne vase from around 1900. Good condition. 15 centimeter [5.9 inches] high.  


Jug  for milk. 19th century and hand painted. 11.8 centimeter high.


Nerclace with amber bakelite beads. The lock is in the beads. From around 1930. \I first thought that they had a red colour, and after a brown color. A...


2 old bisque porcelain dolls for the doll house. One is 6.9 centimeter [2.7 inches] long. The other one is 5.4 centimeter [2.1 inches] long. Probably fro...


2 old dolls in the size for a doll house. They are without their hats around 10 centimeters [3.9 inches] high. Their bodies are made of wooden beads and yo...