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Date of Birth March 20, 1997 Early is a red breasted robin For a warm he’ll soon be bobbin’ Always known as a sign of spring This happy robin loves to sing!

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Date of Birth October 17, 1996 The Beanies of thought it was a big joke While writing her tag, their ink pen broke She got in the way and got all spotty So now ...


Date of Birth October 9, 1996 This dog is little but he has might Keep him close when you sleep at night He lays around with nothing to do Until he sees its tim...


Style 4008 Date of Birth 9-16-95 With Star Fine Mane All the other horses used to tattle Because Derby never wore his saddle He left the stables, and the horse...

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Date of Birth May 10, 1994 Daisy drinks milk each night So her coat is shiny and bright Milk is good for your hair and skin What a way for your day to begin!

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Good Condition: We are offering this lenci Type Doll. She is 8 tall, no label. The front of her dress as some rust spots.


To honor our heroes who lost their lives in the national catastrophe that took place on September 11, 2001.We mourn for them and express our deepest sympathy to...


Date of Birth November 9, 1996 Black as the night and fierce is he On the ground or in a tree Strong and mighty as the Congo He’s related to our Bongo!

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Date of Birth September 3, 1996 Claude the crab paints by the sea A famous artist he hopes to be But tide came in and his paints fell Now his art is on his she...

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Date of Birth April 27, 1993 Licorice, gum and peppermint candy This moose always has these handy There is one more thing he likes to eat Can you guess his fav...

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Date of Birth April 21, 1999 I’m quick, I’m fast, I don’t make a peep But I love to snuggle when I sleep Take me along when you go play And I’ll make sure you h...


Date of Birth January 26, 1996 Black and gold, brown and white The shades of her coat are quite a sight At mixing her colors she was a master On anyone else it...

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Date of Birth May 18, 1999 Don’t confuse me with an ape I have a most unusual shape My cheeks are round and ty-dyed red On my behind as well as my head!


Date of Birth May 29, 1998 I climb rocks and run really fast Try to catch me, it’s a blast Through the mountains, I used to roam Now in your room, I’ll call it...

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This is the 1999 NASCAR Official #94 Mc Donald's Collector Edition Barbie by Mattel. Barbie is proud to wear the authentic racing uniform complete with the NASC...


Date of Birth September 10, 2002 Some people may think I’m a horse Until they see my horn, of course Not to fear, though, for I am sweet Being your pal would be...


Date of Birth June 22, 2002 I’m pink, I’m pink, image that A funny color for a cat My favorite flower in creation Is a pretty pink carnation!


Date of Birth May 2003 I am a very social cat Who loves to sit around and chat Meeting new friends sure makes me smile So please sit down and stay awhile!


This cast iron produce truck has the little fruits and veggies, crates, scale and pole. Measures 9 long. Really not sure of age or maker. Not old, but I would ...

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Date of Birth February 21, 1999 Sleeping all and up all night Waiting to pounce and give you a fright She means no harm, just playing a game She's very lovable ...