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Authentic Ceramic Vessel from the Mayan culture of Mexico. There is a tiny hole in the top. Perhaps this was a musical instrument. The sides are decorated with ...


Authentic Inca Ceramic jug with one handle depicting on one side the standing figure of a priest or high ranking personage, and on the other side two birds in a...


Ancient pre Columbian terra cotta vessel of the Tairona Culture, c. 1000-1500, in the form of a human upper body with applied arms, ears, nose, lip, lip ornamen...


Pre-Columbian Tairona Gold Lip Plug Pre-Columbian Gold Ornament for the lower lip. It is from the Tairona Culture of Columbia. Authenticity is guaranteed. Lengt...


1st millennium B.C. Luristan Bronze Horse Bit, possibly a bit from a chariot. Made of bronze with a nice patina. In good condition except for one loop broken on...