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Bar pendant in the form of a stylized bat. Bi conically pierced for suspension. Attributed to the Tairona culture, Columbia. It is hard to notice but there is a...


Very nice Maya terra cotta figural (ocarina) from Honduras. This hollow figure is adorned with head dress and ear spools. Bottom is pierced for suspension. 200-...


A marvelous Pre-Columbian ceremonial whistle, in the form of an armadillo. The whistle built into the tail produces a magical sound enhanced by the large resona...


Pre-Columbian stone effigy. Diquis style, South West Costa Rica.


Pre-Columbian hollow terra cotta figure holding a pot on knee. Some minor chipping on rim of small pot, otherwise excellent condition. Guancaste region Costa Ri...


Pre-Columbian Axe God avian (Bird) celt/pendant. pendant with both avian and human features. Attributed to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.


Pre-Columbian Axe God pendant with both avian and human features. Attributed to the Chiriqui region of Costa Rica. 300BC-200AD


Pre-Columbian avian (Bird) celt. Costa Rica. (This piece was purchased in the 1960's for $650.)


Pre-Columbian Axe God celt/pendant. (300-800AD) Costa Rica


Ancient Axe Figure, Pre-Columbian Costa Rica This abstract axe figure depicts a standing man carved from hard stone. Attributed to the Mezcala culture, late pre...


Pre-Columbian jade Axe God celt/pendant. Costa Rica 300BC-500AD


Pre-Columbian Colima Terracotta "gingerbread" figure 8.5" x 5.25"


Pre-Columbian Sculptural Whistle Standing Man, Costa Rica C. 800-1200AD. 3.25" tall.


Pre-Columbian, Costa Rican 500 to 1200 AD. Carved stone standing female fertility figure. 5.25" Tall


Pre-Columbian Ocarina Whistle Bird Effigy Guanacaste, Costa Rica C. 300BC. - 300AD. 9" Circumference, 4" long


Pre-Classic period Mayan Figure seated female with inverted nipples C. 2000 BC. – 1000 BC. 3.5" Tall


Pre-Columbian,LARGE NAYARIT MALE FIGURE Western Mexico 200BC. - 200AD. 8" X 3.25"


Pre-Columbian, Costa Rican Sukia, C. 800 to 1200 AD. Carved gray volcanic stone seated figure, his elbows resting on raised knees; depicted smoking and referred...


Large Jade Ax God Pendant Costa Rica C. 200 - 600 AD. Significant calcification on reverse. 5.5” X 2.5”


Pre-Columbian cermonial spoon carved from hard stone. Appears to have been broken and professionally repaired. Previous owner identified it as from the Tairona ...