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Ellen Clapsaddle Valentine's Day 1908 Postcard unused except for name in pencil, unsigned, Series 1073, Excellent


Love's Greeting Cherub Valentine's Day Postcard used with postmark 1911. VG with some slight edge wear


Tucks Christmas Children 1913 Postcard Tucks series "Christmas Children" No. 540 Embossed used with postmark


Frances Brundage? Christmas Girl 1913 Postcard, just stunning. Some wear on edges and corners. Used with postmark of 1913, unsigned.


Lovely Boy with Snowball 1908 Postcard, used with no postmark. Some wear on edges and corners. A crease in middle


1884 Ironclad Enameled Iron Ware Trade Card with some wear on edges and corners. Overall good. Approx 3" x 5"


Warner's Safe Yeast 1884 Girls w Dog Trade Card measures about 3 1/2" x 5", advertisement on back. Crease in middle


Gorgeous Santa Claus Profile 1910 Postcard used with postmark. Holiday Series - small wear on edges and corners


Santa Claus with Quill Pen 1908 Postcard used with postmark of 1908. Some edge and corner wear. Embossed


Santa Claus with Candle 1908 Postcard. Used with 1908 postmark. This has slight edge and corner wear.


Santa Claus 'With Hearty Xmas Wishes' 1918 Postcard Small wear on edges and corners. Embossed. Unsigned


Santa Claus in Gilt with Wreath 1908 Postcard This is used with no postmark. Slight edge and corner wear. embossed ca 1908


A magnificent museum quality authentic antique ,ancient Chinese marble Buddhist stele (sculpture), Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD) centering a standing Buddha in long ...


LOW PRICE _One-of-a-Kind__Circa 1880 Bohemian Art Glass VASE in style of Moser._"HAND SIGNATURE" Wilh Hofmann Austria__this is a RARE Find. Suitable ...


OVER-CB-2007-9781574325461-WH3 This book is a salute to early American pattern glass table sets. With the picture quality herein, this book is not only for th...


OVER-CB-2003-1574323008-WH3 Copyright 2003 Table of Contents DESCRIPTION: Volume 1 of The Glass Candlestick Book is the first of what will be the most compl...


Pair of Mayan terracotta stamp seals 500-800AD. With geometric decoration 2.25" X1.75"


Mayan Terracotta Whistle, Male Figure 300AD-900AD Nice sound, 4.5" X 3.5"


Outstanding Large carved basalt Seated Sukia (Shaman) Figure, Costa Rica. 1000AD -1500AD 7.5" tall X5.25" X 4.5"


Mayan Polychrome Terracotta Bowl, 600-800AD squat form with rounded bottom. 2.5" tall X 4.5" wide, 3" opening