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This baroque perfume or holy water container is hand wrought with silver moons on the side. Genuine agate and japer are inlaid into each side and from the chain...


A beautiful 2 strand graduated faceted glass 40's necklace was the perfect frame for this huge ( 3 1/2 ) aurora borealis rhinestone Cross pendant necklace. ...


This large silver Cross will show your faith in a casual or dressy clothes. Lapis is a stone for the 5th 9th 24th 45th wedding anniversary. Imagine her face wh...


This awesome (116.9 grams of heavy sterling silver) artisan made collar has Malachite inlay. (Its powers include: protection, power, peace, love, and success ...


Vintage White Enamel Volupte Square Compact with Rhinestone Clasp. Powderpuff inside. Compact is 3 by 3 . Good condition.


Vintage Elizabeth Arden Watch Style Compact. Compact is 2 3/4 Across. Good condition.


Vintage Coty Envelope Style Gold Mesh Compact. Compact is 3 1/2 by 2 3/4 . Good condition.


Vintage Rex 5th Avenue Flapjack Celluloid Compact with Blue Border and Pink Roses. Includes Powder Puff and Screen Inside. Compact is 4 1/2 Across. Good cond...


Vintage Ziegfeld Flapjack Celluloid Compact with Floral Design. Includes Powder Puff Inside. Compact is 5 Across. Good condition.


Vintage Elgin American Compact with Mesh Bottom and Oriental Design. Includes Powder Puff. Compact is 3 1/2 Across. Good condition


Vintage Unused Zell 5th Avenue Floral Compact with Box. Includes Powder Puff and Screen Inside. Compact is 3 Across. Good condition, Box has some wear. ...


Vintage Unused Rex 5th Avenue Enamel Square Compact with American Flag. Includes Powder Puff and Screen. Compact is 3 by 2 1/2 . Good condition


Vintage Evans Gold Tone Square Compact with Matching Lighter. Includes Powder Puff. Compact is 2 3/4 by 2 3/4 across, Lighter is 2 high. Good condition


Vintage I Rice Perfume Bottle Aqua Glass with Blue Stone Gold Flower Top Plunger. It does not require a bulb as it the fragrance squirts out a little hole o...


This dates pre-1910 and is a most unusual figural stickpin. This measures 2 1/2 ” long. I believe it is brass but it has not been tested. Vintage and antique it...


This lion holds a 1/4 CT genuine garnet in its mouth. This dates pre-1910 and is a most unusual figural stickpin. This measures 2 3/4” long. I believe it is bra...


Cleopatra would be so jealous! This sterling snake is ready to strike and take out anyone who taunts its new owner. It is a well made heavy sterling top too. Th...


This statement piece is all the rage as BIG brooches are back in style. You will definitely attract compliments with this. It is the most beautiful colors inclu...


Very Fine Feather & Rhinestone Clip On Earrings . Black curved quills with ultra fine feathers extending from a center piece that is festooned with whit...


Very stylish 18K black onyx Necklace Chain, 20th century. The intertwining rope link chain interspaced with eight black onyx bar links accented on either side w...