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What a wonderful and rare vintage celluloid tape measure in excellent condition. It can be seen in the Bakelite book by Cook and Slessor.


Really Rare Smoking Buddha Pip in excellent condition with no chips or cracks and the pipe hose is also in good condition


Great set of Bakelite German fruit knives in their original holder. They are in excellent conditon with no chips or cracks.


A small purse mirror with a portrait of a woman in Dutch folk costume. This was possibly a souvenir from Holland. It may be as early as the 1910's. It is in goo...


These miniature andirons were probably made to show the skill of the blacksmith without having to have the full size item in evidence. It is also believed they ...


Very Rugged metal telephone with Bakelite handset. Universal bracket mounts in many positions. Handset can be mounted on either side or hang in center. Dial can...


Directly from an English kitchen comes this bakelite coffee caddy. It is in perfect condition. It appears in the Classic Plastics by Sylvia Katz.


A novelty ring on it's original card. It is the "haunted mask". It is from R.L.Stine's Goosebumps series. It is in excellent, like new condition.


Delightful egg cosies made by Heatmaster in th original box. The base and button at the top are bakelite and the body is chrome. They are insulated to keep the ...


PICNIC BASKET QUILTED LINED. It is in excellent conditioned, like new. It is 10 inches high overall, 10 inches wide, 18.5 inches long, 6.5 inches deep. It is wo...


This little rouge pot is very nice! The lithographed surface is in excellent condition.It has it's puff and rouge still intact. There are no obvious deep scratc...


How pretty! - Early 1900's hairdo highly detailed and quite unique miniature figurine - Pretty young girl standing on the ornate pedestal - Hand decorated - Sig...


Wade Ware Animals-Leopard 3/4"h x 1 7/8" at base, mint condition. Postage in the USA is .75 cents


These sets were manufactured in the 1950's and factory rebuilt in the 1970's and 1980's. They are in perfect condition with all new plastic cases and modular co...


This is a fabulous set of bakelite chips in their original bakelite case. The rich marbelized red color of the case at the ends in washed out in the picture but...


Wade Ware Animals-Koala Bear 1 3/8" x 1" at widest point mint condition. Postage on any one wade is .75 cents if in the USA




What a fabulous Bakelite Carved Powder Box, The colors are wonderful and I would call the red color Cinebar. The lovely lady is in the center and surrounded by ...


Mt Vernon Home of Washington linen pc, # K3865, Wonderful color, unused, pub by Richmond news 3 1/2 x 5 1/2"


FIVE PIECE MINIATURE SET; two vases made in Occupied Japan, and two cups and one saucer. Vases are marked Long Beach, Calif. on the backside. The saucer is mark...