Scottie rock Crystal WESTMINSTER cufflinks

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Due to a lot of requests from my fellow animal enthusiasts and the yearly Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, I am putting on a few vintage and antique rock crystal reverse painted dog items. This is one of them. You already know that your Champion is worthy of B.O.B. at Westminster! If you buy this, you'll be showing the Judges and the visiting "Dog Fancy," that there was never a doubt that your Terrier would be chosen! Good luck at the "Garden!" You'll have even more confidence in the "Group Ring" sporting these fabulous vintage accouterment !!!!!!!This pair of early antique Scottish terrier, Scottie, cufflinks are signed. Essex crystals, as many labor intensive processes, existed in their purest form, for only a few decades. First seen around the mid 1800¬ís, they faded out toward the turn of the century, and then transformed into a lesser variety of pressed glass as the new century progressed. Rock crystal is painstakingly carved out from the back in an image and finely painted. The back is then sealed with gold, or mother of pearl and when viewed from the front are miniature paintings in three dimensions. Finer pieces entail deep carving and realistic carving as well as superb painting with multitudes of color. You can often judge their value not only but their lifelike qualities, colors but if you turn them to the side, their striking depth. These measure ¾" x ½". On the back they are signed but all I can make out is LT ( photo of mark is included in auction) . These are antique and not new and are very collectible not only to dog lovers but also cufflink collectors.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
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