Scandanavian tribal piece

Scandanavian tribal piece

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Scandanavian tribal piece
Scandanavian tribal piece
Scandanavian tribal piece
Scandanavian tribal piece

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Scandanavian tribal piece. This piece of clay pottery was decorated with a slip type glaze and I was told it was from Scandanavia, but please use your own judgement. I seen this in a issue of Antique weekly with a very elaborate history and price, but I am selling this one as a modern piece styled after the early ones. I am not sure of the age, but it is before 1970, red clay. I am not sure if it was used in ritual services. He is holding what looks like a axe and stone and the basket in the back is open to the back and might have been used to hold liquor or water as a bottle as it might could have been corked. See photos and use your own judgement. We will update this description if anyone writes us with a more detailed history. It is a very nice piece of tribal art. Aprox 12 x 3 1/2 inches

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