Norman Norell Couture Crystal Glass Swarovski Lochrosen Sequin Rhinestone Covered Black Jacket Blazer Runway, Movie Star

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Norman Norell  for I Magnin Couture Swarovski Lochrosen Faceted Crystal Sequin  Rhinestone Covered Black Jacket Blazer.    Thousands of flat glass faceted  sequins or rhinstones are hand sewn on to black wool and ined jacket..    So many stones infact make the garment quite heavy.     Some of the stones are loose and there are some missing as well.  Someone sew a few loose stones on the back but did so through the lining rather  opening up the lining. ( to do this properly the  hem needs to be opened up to get under the lining) I had always planned to open up the lining and repair it all but never have time to do so. This jacket in perfect condition would retail for over 900.  However the price is discounted do to the condition.   Other then the loose or missing stones I see no moth holes or tears.  

The size is probably a 10 or 11.    Laying flat measuring across the chest  from armpit to armpit is 18".  That is with the lapels being opened as it would be worn.     The length is 23" .  The sleeves from shoulder to cuff are 22".  

If I get around the making the needed repairs the jacket will relisted at a much high price.  



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