Rare Tom Thumb Wedding 1863 Two copies

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Thisis for TWO copies of the 1863 Harper's Weekly newspaper/magazine of Tom Thumb and his Fairy bride's wedding. Inside you will find :By special arrangement, we will publish on the 10th February, immediately after their marriage, the Card Photograph of GEN. TOM THUMB AND HIS FAIRY BRIDE, IN THEIR WEDDING DRESS, with their autographs. No album will be complete without this interesting picture. Price 25 cents. Can be sent by mail. All orders must be sent to E. & H. T. ANTHONY, 501 Broadway, New York, Manufacturers of Photographic Albums, and Publishers of Card Photographs of Celebrities. Buy your Skate Straps with Fogg's Lever Buckle , Manufactured by F. STEVENS, 215 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, 68 KILBY STREET, BOSTON. This newspaper is so DELIGHTFUl and has so many other interesting articles such as UNIVERSAL JOINT AND ARTIFICIAL LIMB COMPANY. Weighs only 4 Pounds. Soldiers, price $50; civilians, $75; silver-plated, $100. They will lengthen and shorten, and are self-adjusting. These TWO copies are sold together and are sold as found. And now for the tedious part that you probably already know: PLease remember that vintage & antique items are not mint, nor are they perfect but they sure are full of old history and charm.All items are sold as is and as found (used and probably vintage) Since this is Irreplaceable t can be no returns on this sale.. Please use photos to make your decisions

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