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Leather? Bound 1779 Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects , a New Edition, An Inquiry concerning Human Understanding, A dissertation on the Passions, An Inquiry Concerning the Principles and the Morals, and the Natural History of Religion. This is a 525 hand bound book that has its original boards ( front board is detached) that was printed J. Williams ( no 21) Skinner Row. Spines gilt in compartments. Pages are all intact. This book has been reproduced up until this day and what a treat it is to own one of the original editions of this brilliant author. Hume read French and other continental authors, especially Malebranche, Dubos, and Bayle; he occasionally baited the Jesuits with iconoclastic arguments; and, between 1734 and 1737, he drafted A Treatise of Human Nature. After a year (1767-68) as an Under-Secretary of State, Hume returned to Edinburgh to stay. His autumnal years were spent quietly and comfortably, dining and conversing with friends, and revising his works for new editions of his Essays and Treatises, which contained his collected essays, the two Enquiries, A Dissertation on the Passions, and The Natural History of Religion.Vintage and antique items are not mint nor are they perfect. Sold as is and as found (used and vintage) Since this is Irreplaceable there can be no returns on this sale.. Please use photos to make your decisions. Remember that old glue and hot post offices may cause some items to become unglued/

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