Antique Blue White Basket Weave Morning Glory Stoneware Salt Glaze Kitchen Spice Jars & Cannister Set RARE 13 pc

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 RARE  13 pc set  Antique Blue and White Basket weave and Morning Glory  Stoneware Salt Glaze Kitchen suite.  Made by Brush McCoy.        3 Canisters with 2 matching lids  and 5 spice jars with 3  matching lids.    Dating to the early late 19th  20th century, This Canister features an Intricate Basket weave Pattern with a Morning Glory on Each Side with the names of what should go into the jars  Stenciled on a Raised Center Banner.        The large cannister are all 6.5 inches with the lids and the spice jars are 4.5 inches with the lids.     The Raisin and the Bean crocks are very rare and in decent condition,.    The Bean pot has two chips on the bottom rim .  There are pointed out in the pictures.     The Raisin crock has 2 surface   cracks in the glaze that is most likely a manufacturer flaw from firing.         The Tea cannister or crock has no lid and it has several long crack on the sides as show in the pictures and a crack on the base that is probably an issue with the manufacture process .  It does not go through and is pointed out in the picture.       The two lids are in exceptional condition for the age.    The 5 spice jars for the most part match the cannisters.    Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg are all in exceptional condition for age and have lids.     The cloves jar has a very small very insignificant flea bite on the top rim.    There is some pitting here and there on some.   The lids are in remarkable shape.      The pepper does not have a lid, but is in very good shape.  Just a small nick on the outer side of the top rim.     The Allspice has more issues than the rest.  It has a bit bigger ship on the top rim.  It is slightly different from the rest at the gradient of the blue is darker  and there is a bit of blue glaze that has migrated to places it did not belong.       I am sell the whole lot together.    Alone just of the spice jars is worth $150 to 200 even in rough condition.   The large cannisters are from 100 to 300 even with surface flaws.   When you put a set together like this.. it is very special.      

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