Radio-Craft: 50 Years of Radio by: Hugo Gernsback

Radio-Craft: 50 Years of Radio by: Hugo Gernsback

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Radio-Craft: 50 Years of Radio by: Hugo Gernsback

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In March of 1938 Radio-Craft magazine commemorated the 50th anniversary of radio with a special "Jubilee Souvenir" issue, now highly sought after by collectors. It's look back at the first five decades of radio is priceless, featuring articles on the beginning of commercial broadcasting, technical developements in the evolution of the home radio receiver, the history of the vacuum tube, the developement of scanning disk television and the invention of the cathode ray tube, and of course, the famous Hugo Gernsback predictions of what the future of electronics would bring. A special 11 page feature story entitled "Reminiscences of Old-Timers" carries interviews with all of the radio pioneers who were alive at the time, including Lee DeForest, David Sarnoff, Frank Conrad, Powell Crosley, Jr., McMurdo Silver and others.

This high quality 140 page reprint preserves the ferver and enthusiasm which characterized radio's golden years. It contains over 100 advertisements for eary radio products, as well as the landmark articles which recounted the early history of radio in the United States.

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