Propan Furniture Wax Polish Antique Brown 10oz Can

Propan Furniture Wax Polish Antique Brown 10oz Can

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Propan Furniture Wax Polish Antique Brown 10oz Can

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Enhances the beauty of wood Brings out the grain in wood Can be used on any indoor furniture wood Works great on antiques and reproduction furniture Helps avoid mold Removes the "dull" look 10oz can Our company has searched for the BEST products to use on our furniture. We have found this Indonesian Propan Furniture Wax does the trick. We use this wax polisher to finish each and every one of our MBW items. We prefer this wax when replicating an antique look. We also use this wax to bring out the grain in the wood.

Propan Furniture Wax comes in two varieties, Natural and pigmented Antique Brown. To enhance the beauty of your wood use the pigmented wax. This wax can be used on any type of indoor wood furniture. We use this on various types of pieces, such as, antique and reproduction furniture, flooring, rattan furniture, water hyacinth, sea grass furniture, and even handcrafted wooden statues. Both come in 10oz cans.

The effect on the furniture is amazing it brings out the best qualities of the wood. This wax polish specializes in creating a glass effect. A shiny surface and it also removes the "dull" look. We use this wax as a top coat or polisher (Example: Shining your shoes).

The natural one will work on all colors and will not effect or change any color either for dark or light color. The function of this wax is for the top coat layer only. The Antique Brown will leave more of an antique look on the furniture and will leave slightly brown color. Both of these wax will make the furniture look shine and antique. However, if you wish to make it look dull, please do not brush the furniture after you apply the wax.

This wax works great on new or antique furniture. It contains materials that will help you avoid mold, restore your furniture to a newer and cleaner appearance, also to ensure your furniture has a finished and polished look.

Directions for application:

Before you apply wax clean the surface of the item
and allow your furniture to dry, be sure to remove all dust. Use a small brush or a cloth to apply You can scoop out a reasonable size of the wax
and place on your furniture, you want the first layer to be thin. Spread thoroughly around your furniture,
it is best to rub with the grain of the wood Cover your entire item and buff and spread the wax around evenly Allow your application to dry for 15 - 30 minutes
depending on the thickness of wax When your item dries you can repeat for an even more polished finish.
Repeating the process will help seal the furniture and avoid future damage.

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