Pioneer Waterman "1st Ever" Cartridge Filling Fountain Pen

Pioneer Waterman

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Pioneer Waterman
Pioneer Waterman
Pioneer Waterman
Pioneer Waterman

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Rare and Beautiful Early ** Waterman Cartridge Filling Art Deco Fountain Pen **

Introduced in 1936, this model is made of exquisite ebony and mother-of-pearl celluloid, with a beautiful 14K solid gold nib and nickel trim.

…Overall Length: 12.5 mm or 4 3/4”…" (when pen is closed)

Condition: Excellent, with crisp clear brand imprint. Serviced and fully tested, if desired, this rare pioneer pen’'s glass cartridge, once the present ink supply is depleted, can be refilled with new ink using a fine eyedropper and capped with one of the small cork seals provided.



Waterman History and Invention of the Cartridge Fountain Pen
Lewis Edson Waterman is credited with inventing the 1st practical fountain pen in 1884.

So the story goes… Waterman, an insurance broker, was getting ready to sign an important contract. For the occasion, he purchased one of those “new” fountain pens that had recently come on the market, thinking it would be more practical and stylish than the dip pen and pocket inkwell he usually carried.

However, when the time came to sign, the pen first refused to write and then badly stained the contract. Waterman rushed back to his office to get another copy, but when he returned, the customer had signed with a rival broker.

On the spot, Waterman determined to devise a “real” fountain pen—one he could depend upon. In his brother’s workshop, he analyzed the ink to paper exchange in pens and discovered that the problem lay in the function of the “feed,” through which the ink first flowed to the nib. After numerous experiments, he developed the “Three Fissure Feed”, a structure based on the principle of capillary attraction. Waterman was granted a US patent for his invention on February 12, 1884 and variations on it were adopted by all fountain pen manufacturers, so that Waterman's slogan quickly became “the Daddy of Them All”.

In 1888, the firm was renamed L.E. Waterman Company. In the following year, at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, Waterman was awarded a bronze medal—the highest honor awarded to a fountain pen designer and manufacturer. From this point forward, innovation followed upon innovation and success upon success, ultimately growing to become by far the most important of the “Big Four” fountain pen manufacturers.

Already by 1903 Waterman pens were sold throughout the United States and Canada… While subsequently, Frank D. Waterman, Lewis Waterman's nephew, led the Waterman name to cross the Atlantic and conquer Europe.

Then, in 1926, a Waterman agent by the name of Jules Fagard established a quasi-independent French subsidiary called JiF-Waterman, to manufacture Waterman pens in France. Here too, a major breakthrough soon was achieved: In the following year, a JiF-Waterman researcher named Perraud invented the ink cartridge! It consisted of a small glass tube with a cork-stopper. Amazingly, this invention was not patented until 1936, but remained a JiF-Waterman exclusive for twenty years!

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