Nili Carasso Bronze Sculpture, Movement

Artist: Nili Carasso
Title: Movement
Medium: Bronze
Edition: 10
Size: 18" X 21" X 4"

NILI CARASSO (1951 - )

Nili Carasso was born Jerusalem in tbe year 1951. At the age of ten, Nili attended art classes at the Bezalel art school in Jerusalem, and her work was presented in the Children's Art Exhibition.

By the time she was 26 she graduated from David Yalin College with a major in Design, composition and art. For the next twenty years, Nili participated in work groups for preparing study programs and instructing teachers.

The opportunity to express herself through sculpture was so meaningful to her, she decided to dedicate her time to the art and she continued her sculpture studies in Bezalel and in various private studios such as Stav Pisol and Beit Ot Hamotzar all located in Jerusalem.

Nili exhibits her in work in galleries both in Israel and New York, in private collections and in commercial offices.

Recent Exhibitions:
March 1996, Artexpo, New York
February 1997, One Woman Show, Amalia Arbel Gallery, Rishon.
March 1997, One Woman show, Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv
Jane 1997, One Woman show, A.B. Gallery, Hartsdale, NY
September 1997, One Woman show, Ceasarea Golf Club, Ceasarea
March 1998, One woman show, Gallery 18, New York.
July 1998, Arta Gallery, Jerusalem
September 1998, One Woman Show, Scarsdale 914 7231943, New York
March 1999, One Woman Show, “Beit Amot Mishpat", Tel Aviv
January 2001, Yarkoni Gallery, New Jersey
February 2001, Group, Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
In her private studio, Nili sculpts in various sizes and materials: Clay, Aluminum, Plaster, Concrete, Brass and Bronze.

Her sculptures are very unique; she describes her individual style:

“I love to express the softness and sensitivity to integrate it with movement, dynamics and strength, using various textures which can be seen in the integration among the figures. Energetic ••• creative... the love for family, children and people.”

Item Details

Reference #:
Antiques (approx100yrs)
c. 1979
(Width x Height X Depth)
21.00 x 18.00 x
Very Good