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I've been a dealer at Antique Station for at least 8 years, although, I used to manage my Dad's booth before he passed away in 2002, and then continued the family heritage of finding great and interesting collections from the cute and cool to the "finest".

My parents(my father actually,) sold a tiny miniature hand painted by Rebbecca Claypool Peale, in Sotheby's Auction House right before he passed away. When it sold, he was satisfied, and was able to say goodbye to me, his only daughter.

I had already had my own booth opened and operating by then, across from his, but now, they are both my own, and some of his and my mother's finds still remain, mixed with many of my own! My booths are #38 and #49B in Antique Station, Frederick, Maryland, on Thomas Johnson Drive closed in 2010, therefore, I have a great deal of merchandise to list!

I specialize mostly in Vintage Costume Jewelry, and a special emphasis on the old Vintage Mexican Sterling, as well as the newer, and Vintage clothing, accessories, artwork, crystal, old sterling flatware, 14K gold jewelry, and 50's kitchenware! (that's my personal fav!) If you have any other interests, pass it by me, If I don't list it, I might already have it somewhere packed away in my home that's just..well..."ocd"!LOL!

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