Magnetic Kokeshi Dolls - Vintage Wood Toys

Magnetic Kokeshi Dolls - Vintage Wood Toys

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Magnetic Kokeshi Dolls - Vintage Wood Toys


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Vintage and very unusual magnetic wooden kissing doll set. They are in the original boxes which show some aging, but the toys inside are in great shape other than minor paint flaking. There is one wooden girl doll, two boys, and a wooden stand. All hand painted. Each is about 3 1/2" tall. Inside are printed directions that say "The secret is the girl doll will attract one boy doll and repel the other. The stand should be placed in a prominent place - Girl places her doll in stand and selects one of the boy dolls according to her mood. Boy, upon placing his doll close to the girl's doll can then discover her mood for the evening!" What happens is that the magnets in the wooden heads will make them turn towards or away from each other. These are very unusual and the only examples we've ever seen. Unsold old stock that we recently picked up from an old warehouse in the New Jersey area. It says they are "Kokeshi Kissing Dolls" and were a "Styson Art Products Company" product.

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