Lady Diana " Royal Collector's Society " Official Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring * rare Platinum Edition

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THE OFFICAL BRITISH ROYAL COLLECTOR'S SOCIETY LADY DIANA Faux Blue Sapphire CZ Diamond size 7 Engagement Ring * SPECIAL EDITION in PLATINUM over 9.25 STERLING SILVER. Boxed w all Certificates. We are very proud to have obtained an extremely Limited Supply of The Year's Hottest U.K. Collectable * The Platinum Edition is The Rarest most sought after and virtually impossible to obtain now before the Marriage occurs. Typical Delivery time On-Order of The Regular Sterling Edition requires nearly 90 Days. Retail pricing by alternative copy manufactures are pricing between $ 150 - $ 300. as available - it appears even high pricing cannot gaurantee timely delivery. Re-Sellers have already begun attaching a large Premium to the Regular Edition in Sterling Silver, as Listed elsewhere. The Platinum Coated Edition Royal Collectors Society Ring is simply Gorgeous! Highest Quality Genuine Facia, The Faux Blue Sapphire prestigeous in all regards Deep Blue w interior sparkles flashing Reds and Purple Hues. Size 7 Available only ( see lower memo ) Arrives Securely Parcel Packaged with all Original Documents. Our Gift to Our Clients on minimum purchase order 900. in Precious Gemstone Jewelry or Direct Purchase Order of Ring @ $ 100. each. WE CANNOT MENTION WHICH MANUFACTURES WHOM ARE PRODUCING THIS SETTING IN PLATINUM SURFACE, RETAIL PRICE $300 EACH, PLUS SHIPPING. It took Us 120-Days from Direct Original Order Date to Delivery. Our Margin is $ 20. Each and we will confirm for you that This Ring and Setting appears as Genuine Sapphire w White Diamonds ! No Disappointments. Original Blue Velvet Box as Marked " Deluxe Ring ". THANK YOU FOR VISTING US.

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