Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35" - Pair

Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35

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Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35
Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35
Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35
Antique Ivory Carvings - Kwan Yin with Mythical White Bird - 35

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EXTREMELY RARE - KWAN YINs with MYTHICAL WHITE BIRDs, PEONIES & FEMALE MUSICIANS - 35" - 31 POUNDS - PAIR. These magnificent carvings depict Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy, with an elaborate headdress holding a large branch of tree peonies and a basket of peonies while the mythical White Bird rests at her feet. They are absolutely STUNNING at 35" tall and weighing 31 pounds! The Ascended Lady Master Kwan Yin means “the sovereign who looks on the sounds of the world.” According to legend, she paused on the threshold of heaven to listen to the cries of the world. Kwan Yin was worshiped in China before the advent of Buddhism and thereafter adopted by Buddhists as an incarnation of Avalokitesvara. She has come to be known in the West as the Goddess of Mercy. It is said that Kwan Yin took embodiment as the third daughter of Miao Chuang Wang, identified with the Chou dynasty, a ruler of a northern Chinese kingdom c. 696 B.C. According to legend, she was determined to devote herself to a religious life and refused to be married despite the command of her father and the entreaties of her friends. Finally, however, she was permitted to enter the Nunnery of the White Bird in Lung-shu Hsien. Here, at her father’s orders, she was put to the most demeaning tasks which in no way dampened her zealous love for God. Angered by her devotion, Miao Chuang Wang ordered her to be executed, but when the sword touched her it was broken into a thousand pieces. Her father then commanded her to be stifled, but when her soul left her body and descended into hell she transformed it into paradise. Carried on a lotus flower to the island of P’ootoo, near Nimpo, she lived for nine years healing the diseased and saving mariners from shipwreck. It is said that once, when word was brought to her that her father had fallen ill, she cut the flesh from her arms and used it as a medicine which saved his life. In gratitude, he ordered that a statue be erected in her honor, commissioning the artist to depict her with “completely formed arms and eyes.” The artist misunderstood, however, and to this day Kwan Yin is sometimes shown with a “thousand arms and a thousand eyes,” thereby able to see and assist the masses of her people. These Kwan Yins are absolutely beautiful. Just look at those lovely faces and the wonderful proportions bestowed upon each Kwan Yin by the artist. The artist has lavished these pieces with peonies. The peony is among the longest-used flowers in ornamental culture and is one of the smallest living creatures in China. It is a traditional floral symbol of China and is also known as the "flower of riches and honor" and is used symbolically in Chinese art. In 1903, the Qing Dynasty declared the peony as the national flower. The birds at Kwan Yin’s feet are the mythical White Birds always associated with this deity. In China, this mythical bird is similar to the phoenix. It is the second most-respected legendary creature (next to the dragon) largely used to represent the empress and females. The phoenix is the leader of birds. It is a uniquely Asian bird. Its plumage is very distinctive. It is described as having the head and body of a pheasant, but a long graceful tail in the style of the peacock. The tail is more richly colored than even a peacock’s, having all five sacred colors among its feathers: red, yellow, blue, black and white. According to legend the White Bird is truly immortal. It does not die and renews itself. The White Bird was often paired with the dragon. They might be paired peacefully, as a symbol of love, or they might be depicted in combat. Often they were used as symbols of the emperor and the empress. Each carving also has a female musician playing a flute near the base of the carving near the head of the white bird. Each musician is intricately carved and sets these pieces apart from all others. Da Ming (The Great Ming) is engraved on the underside of each carving. These carvings are 100% genuine elephant IVORY and in EXCELLENT CONDITION. They were HAND CARVED and HAND SCRIMSHAWED and SIGNED in China by a gifted master craftsman in the early 1900s. They have a lovely patina that nature has chosen to bestow upon them. These carvings are UNIQUE and exhibit beautiful IVORY GRAIN which is guaranteed to be clearly visible. The ivory has been highly polished and exquisitely detailed. The quality of the ivory, the quality of the carving and the quality of the scrimshaw work are all exceptional. These carvings were legally imported into the USA and can only be shipped to locations within the USA. These masterpieces would be an incredible addition to your collection of fine Asian art and should only increase in value over the years. Dimensions (Each): 35.00” x 5.00” x 4.50" Weight (Total): 31 Pounds Signatures: Engraved – Da Ming (The Great Ming) IF YOU WOULD LIKE ADDITIONAL PICTURES OF THIS ITEM THAT ARE LARGER AND SHOW MORE DETAIL, PLEASE SEND US AN E-MAIL AND WE WILL FORWARD THEM TO YOU. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!


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  • Ivory

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