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Historical Places Brochures There are nine of these. #l. This is a postcard of a portrait of President Harry S. Truman, Photo by Fred Preisler, #2. Brochure of Williamsburg in Color.approx 46 pages, dated 1961. Beautiful pictures in color with descriptions. #3 This is a folder of Montezuma Castle, a cliff dwelling in the Southwest. Lots of info on this.. #4. A 32 page brochure of The Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. Many nice pictures with information. Measures 7" by 10". #5. A nice 32 page booklet of the Eisenhower Center at Abilene, Kansas. Many nice pictures of the Eisenhower Museum contents such as White House Years, Gifts to the President etc. In excellent condition. Measures 8 1/2" by 11". #6. A 16 page booklet of the Sycamore Trail near the Montezuma Castle. In excellent condition. Measures 6" by 9". #7. A 17 page folder on the Boothill Graveyard . 17 pages. This gives a descriptive list of the more than 250 graves in Boothill. Very interesting!! In excellent condition. Measures 4 1/2" by 8 1/4. #8. A brochure of Arizona . 32 pages. Many nice pictures and descriptions of places to visit. In excellent condition. Measures 7" by 10. #9. Brochure of the Grand Canyon by Elizabeth McFarland. 32 pages. Many beautiful pictures and comments by such as Carl Sandburg. A nice Booklet. In Excellent condition. Measures 6" by 9.

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