Hartford Connecticut Historical letters 1805-1880

James Henry Wells Hartford Connecticut family papers and Autographs. Trainband enlistment letter signed by Griswold Captain-General Commander in Chief and Governor of Vermont 1785 and Wyllis Sec of State. Autographs by Alfred Gill Bank of Hartford, TH Gallaudet & Laurent Clerc Founders of the American School for the Deaf in Hartford. and many others.

Partial list of James H. Wells papers Hartford Connecticut. 1837 Alfred Gill Autograph receipt James H Wells. 1844 Court Notice New Haven railroad & show cause notice of property survey to Charles Hollister, Windsor & JH Wells town of Hartford et al. Signed E Goodrich Justice of peace. 1840 book of sketches Edward Wells. 1840 Autograph Joseph Turnbull Notary to James H Wells. 1822 group of 10 or so letters To and from Jane Wells (JHW daughter) to Mary Ann Watson. 1846 reciept signed WG Chapman to JHW. 1846 autograph Orville Dewey. 1814 letter signed form JHW to William Wells (son). 1805 Letter signed JHW. 1830 Letter signed H Allen Grant r.e. Doctor fisher/Edward Wells. 1851 Letter from EA fisher (Dr.) To EWW Jacksonville Fla. 1857 HN Brismeade an introduction to Edward Wells Enterprise Fla. 1830 Military parade and marching drills partial booklet pages. 1892 Funeral Service eulogy Sarah C. Wells. 1851 Letter from William H Wells to Edward. 1851 Note Edward W Wells. 1849 Lease agreement, House corner of Pearl & Wells Street, signed by Geo H Clark to WH Wells. 1856 note from Rev Charles Brooks 1897 Letter from JHW to EWW 1847 Letter JHW 1847 JHW/JHWjr to Jonathan B Phelps relating to grandson to be sent to work on farm 1746-1890 printed paper , Rev William Wells DD, Brattleboro died 1827, Family record List of names and dates married JHW, Susan Hayden (daughter of Isaac), JHW jr & Lillian Sykes 1890 Funeral Eulogy or letter death of JHW jr 1890 1856 letter to JHW thanking him for gifts of money from his sister and him. Signed Rev. Chas Brooks 1835 Mansion House North Hampton Receipt for Room & Meals signed Eli E Warren? 1805 Letter from Jane Taylor to Jane Wells r.e. Mrs Wells arrival in Brattleboro VT. 1842 William Harry request JHW accept an Oil painting in hopes he may provide a better one in future. 1864 letter of appreciation for gift of 5 pounds to EWW from Chelmsford Mary Isalynne (jasalynne?) 1838 Autograph of Larent Clerc (American School for the Deaf), in a Letter to James H Wells Prospect street Hartford requesting interest on deposits or loans a few days early, June 24, 1838 1820 Exhibition at Phillips Exeter Academy, Order of Excercises with list of names of participants, 1785 Autographed Enlistment of Isaac Hayden Ensign, printed and written letter. 5th company Trainband 1st Regiment Connecticut signed Mathew Griswold Captain-General and Commander in Chief of Connecticut and Signed George Wyllys Secretary of State Hartford May 27, 1785., Abstract of lettter r.e. Funding for first American School for the Deaf Abbey Dillingham, Charles Burgess et al.

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