Graphic Survey 3/24 Ford,Hoover interviews, Aerial Maps

Graphic Survey 3/24 Ford,Hoover interviews, Aerial Maps

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Graphic Survey 3/24 Ford,Hoover interviews, Aerial Maps
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This is "The Survey - Graphic Number" for March 1, 1924. Great essays and articles on sociology, economics, industry, education, and government - cover article is "Giant Power - forecasting social changes as sweeping as those ushered in by the Industrial Revolution" on the electric power industry by Pennsylvania Governor Gifford Pinchot. Other articles include: Pandora's Box by Bruere Coal By-Product Ovens - great drawings of coal industry machines and plants by Joseph Stella Our Federal Power Policy by Wells Stake of the Public by Gov. Alfred E. Smith Negotiations for Giant Power: an interview with Herbert Hoover National Electric Highways by Philip Cabot Ontario's Experience by Sir Adam Beck Following the Hydro by Bruere Work Portraits by Lewis W. Hine The Long Look Ahead by Morris L. Cooke Pools of Power by H.G. Butler Project Map of Superpower Lines In the Southern Appalachians Idle Slaves of the South by Marion Jackson Aerial Maps Applachian Power Forest and Stream Power and Culture Some tools of the trade Power and Labor The Engineer's Place A Big Man with a Little River: Interview with Henry Ford Editorials Social Studies

Illustrated with black-and-white photos, maps, woodcuts, and other drawings. Size 9" x 12", pages 553-664, condition is good with some small tears, cover slightly dirty. [Box 47076] - [Item 122057]

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