Goodell Pratt Hollow Auger Antique Cast Steel Adjustable

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This is a good useable late 1800's single cutter hollow auger, to be used in your brace. It is cast steel, and has very little wear. The cutter is sharp and the auger is in useable condition. This model has the size of diameter graduations down one side rail of the adjustable cutter slide assembly. There is a depth stop included, and the depth capacity is about 3", or about 3.5" if the depth stop is removed. The cutter is sharp and useable. The screws and all the adjustments are in very good working order also. The is no rust on this unit, and there is about 90% of the black Japanning intact. It is about 9" long overall with a capacity of over 1" diameter. This particular model has an extended length frame, compared with most we have seen, allowing for more depth capacity. The tapered end that fits in your brace, is extra long also, so choose a heavy duty brace when using this unit, as this extra length will apply a good deal of stress on the brace chuck when in use. A very nice tool overall! Goodell-Pratt made several different models of hollow augers. This particular model is often seen attached to a brace also made, and marked by Goodell-Pratt Company. Because the cast frame has a threaded 3/8" diameter hole, it is possible that it would fit directly onto a G. P. brace once the drive shaft was removed. To my knowledge, this was a special brace I am referring to.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
Late 1800's - early 1900's
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