GERMAN ANTIQUE BISQUE Renaissance statue

This is one of the largest pieces ofantique bisque I have ever seen and it is so impressive that it needs to be used as a focal point in a room. It is 18" x 18" ( bigger than a microwave to give you an idea of its size) and it weighs 20 POUNDS. Notice the antique grill and etching work on the bottom frame as well. I have pieces from the 1800’s with similar work and never seen this on pieces prior to the 20’s. ( I know this one is OLD ). This depicts sleeping beauty and prince charming ( or king Arthur , depending on which book you refer to) . The detailed hand painting on these renaissance faces is rich and full of character and feeling. Since 1697, this enchanting story was written in a number of different versions. The first a French author named Charles Perrault published a classic book titled Tales of Times Passed ( Today the book is better known as Mother Goose Tales.) Next came Perceforest. An Arthurian romance known as Histoire de Troylus et de Zellandine. A vast tale linking legends of Alexander the Great with King Arthur of Great Britain. The story of Zellandine, who falls into an enchanted sleep while spinning flax, is recognizably similar to Sleeping Beauty . The photos on this don’t come close to the size and presence that this HUGE piece makes. As the Prince bends over his loved one you see a sad look come across his face. The detail on his chain mail armored vest is detailed with a rich green earthy color as if he came right from the ground. The artist who did this recognized the importance of the gentle closing of her hand which holds a single rose. The base of this is made in two layers of gilt ORMOLU ( not gold plate) and it 14" DEEP from front to back. Not a piece that can be hidden in a cabinet. This one needs the whole room at its beck and call. We had a center marble table that it was positioned on and it really drew the attention of people who came to visit. Many times we had offers but up until now when we need the room have I wanted to find a GOOD home for it. I promise that you will be IMPRESSED with the SHEER size and quality of this amazing German statue. It is in great shape with no chips or cracks or crazing.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
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