Fukusa Decortive Pillow with Two Phoenix

The phoenix pair in flight on this fukusa is an elegant but playful theme usually appropriate for anniversaries, weddings or birthdays. The phoenix symbology is very loose, but it can mean enjoyment of each other, as with a married couple, amorous adventure or simply elegant beauty. The phoenix is an imaginary bird of power and magic and is also considered to live forever. The Japanese phoenix in art often looks like a stylish cross between an Asian pheasant and a fighting cock. Circa 1950

Backing is medium green silk dupioni with cream and green cording and green tassels.

A Fukusa is a woven square of silk fabric traditionally used by the Japanese to cover a ceremonial gift during its presentation. We've used Fukusa (Fukusa is both singular and plural) to create unique decorative pillow covers which are about 24" x 24" in size. Fukusa, are generally backed with another piece of silk material. Often the backing silk material is bright orange or red and contains the family crest of the person or family giving the gift. Each of these Fukusa are combined with hand selected backing fabrics, borders and tassels to make decorative accent pillows that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Most modern Fukusa are quite small and mostly used for the tea ceremony. Think of them as a combination of gift wrapping and greeting card. The message conveyed by the symbols on the Fukusa is very important and needs to be appropriate for the occasion. The Fukusa silk decorative pillows we offer are made using these antique or vintage (around 50 to 100 years old) gift coverings.

Fukusa that are in acceptable condition and suitable for decorative designer pillows are becoming increasingly scarce and hard to find. And as the scarcity has increased, the prices have also increased dramatically. Fukusa are a beautiful, disappearing piece of Japanese cultural history but beautifully preserved in these decorative down pillows.

The Fukusa used in these down pillows is a hand woven silk with intricate loom embroidery. In addition, some of these Fukusa also have hand embroidered highlights. All accent pillow fillings are down and feathers. As these are old pieces, at least 50 years old, there is minor wear associated with age but these decorative throw pillows are all sturdy and in excellent condition.

Item Details

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Textiles, Clothing & Accessories
Antiques (approx100yrs)
Showa Era circa 1950
(Width x Height X Depth)
24.00 x 24.00 x 0.00
Antique / Good
Silk Embroidery on Silk