Engraving The Hunt Ball Ornate Frame 1880

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Offering this exquisite 1880's photogravure / engraving titled "The Hunt Ball". A ball given by the members of a HUNT has been an English custom for centuries and next to the County Ball, was an institution for match-making and general enjoyment. France, in this instance copying from England, adopted horse-racing and fox-hunting, and with them the Hunt Ball. All the gentlemen 'members of the hunt' wore the costume of the hunt, generally red, the particular decoration distinguishing members being a peculiar button, with which only members were allowed to deck their coats and vests. Of course only the wealthy and privileged classes could afford to be members of The Hunt. The original painting was done by Julius L. Stewart, born in Philadelphia, was a pupil of Gerome and of the Spanish masters, Zaniacois and Madrazo. He was one of the leading painters of the American Colony at the French capital. The original painting belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of New York, it was a noted feature of the Paris Exhibition. This photogravure was made by D. Appleton Co, New York. Large photogravure has been set with attractive black matting, glass protective covering; wire hanger on back. The wood frame has a black finish with raised details (scrolls and acanthus leaves) accented with hand rubbed gold leaf. Fine condition, no tears or stains. An excellent piece of art, beautifully detailed, for any home or office!

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