Elizabeth Taylor 12" horseman doll mint in box

1976 THE BLUE BIRD -- ELIZABETH TAYLOR AS "MATERNAL LOVE" AND "WITCH" AND "THE LIGHT" -- 12 INCH DOLL WITH 3 OUTFITS BY HORSMAN -- NEVER REMOVED FROM BOX !!" The Blue Bird was the third screen adaptation of the children's story by Maurice Maeterlinck about a pair of children, Tyltyl and Mytyl, who leave home to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness. After spending some time wandering through a fantasy world and encountering The Night (Jane Fonda), The Cat (Cicely Tyson), Luxury (Ava Gardner), Father Time (Robert Morley), and The Oak (Harry Andrews), they meet The Queen of Light (Elizabeth Taylor) and discover that true happiness can be found right at home, with your family. This 12 inch doll has NEVER BEEN REMOVED FROM BOX and has 3 outfits. The MATERNAL LOVE outfit consists of 1) a blue dress with white lace apron, 2) matching lace bonnet, 3) white panties and 4) black shoes. The WITCH outfit consists of 1) a yellow print dress, 2) red cape with hood and 3) fake nose & glasses. The LIGHT outfit consists of 1) a white silvery dress, 2) silver crown and 3) white shoes. This set is marked Style No. 9921 and "1976 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp." and "Made in USA by Horsman Dolls, Inc." The box is in Fair to GOOD CONDITION; there is a spot on the bottom where a tag was; the cellophane has no rips but is loose the box has 3 tears on top and some edge wear. We are not doll or television memorablila experts. We are selling in "AS IS" condition, but please, feel free to "ASK US" any questions you might have on this item. -------------------------------------------------

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mint in fair to good box