Effanbee DyDee Baby, 11" Applied Ears, Painted, Molded Hair

This sweet little baby is the popular one made by the Effanbee Co. from the 1940's-1950's, called DyDee Baby. The early ones were made with a hard plastic head on a heavy rubber body. The last ones were on a vinyl body. They were in competition with the early Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsys that also had a rubber body. But the difference between them was that the early DyDee babies had what they called applied ears, because the ears were added to the head and stuck out away from the head like a persons ears do. All other dolls had ears that were a part of the head mold. But since the ears were also made of rubber, they also dried out or cracked and sometimes were knocked off. This cute little 11" DyDee is almost the smallest one they made. Her body is still sturdy but does have come checking here and there and on the ears. The hands are hardening so I have sealed the fingers to protect them. She has all her fingers which many times also broke off. She has hazel eyes, missing some lashes, but they open and close easily. There is a nice pink blush to her cheeks. She has the painted molded hair that lots of collectors look for. She is wearing an adorable white dotted swiss dress, maybe very pale blue, with little puffed sleeves and lace trim. Underneath is a pale blue slip with some aging speckles. The dress ties in the back with blue ribbons. She also has on an old flannel diaper. The dress and the doll are very clean with no stains or odors. This tiny DyDee has such a sweet and innocent face that makes her so desirable.

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