Craftsman Yankee No. 9 4221 Push Drill w/ 8 Drill Bits

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This is a rarely seen push drill from the 1950's era! This was one of the first of the Yankee style push drills to have the plastic handle in it's design. In this case in the 1950's Stanley designed the plastic part to be cased in polished aluminum on either end, so the tips of the handle are metal including the thread that holds the cap in place. The only difference between this tool and the Stanley Yankee, is the hexagon shaped area on the tapered part near the handle, otherwise it is a Stanley No. 45 in size and shape, as well as features, including the drill points to fit in the chuck, also Yankee brand. This one is in very good condition overall with a very good spring chuck to hold the drill points in place. There is 8 drill bits or points included and stored in the handle in sectioned slots. They are all different in sizes, ranging from 1/16" to 11/64" diameter, each has a .168" diameter shank size (a full set) in very good used to new condition. The drill points shown in the picture are the actual points that come with this push drill. This push drill is in fine used condition with only very minor wear on the spiral shaft sleeve, and on the plastic handle area. It is marked "CRAFTSMAN DD 9 4221 U.S.A.", on the black plastic section or the handle. The spiral shaft is in very good condition overall, with most of the nickel plating still intact. A hard to find model in this nice of shape!   A very well made tool! A very nice gift item!

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