Cissarz ART nude German sex manual Lithograph

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This is part of an estate we had full of antique and old German literature and war memorabilia. This is a sexual medical manual depicting the anatomically correct parts in German and in English by A woman doctor. The artist is Johann Vincenz Cissarz who is well renowned for many things. After producing monumental altarpieces and murals he took up book illustration and poster design. By 1899 he was actively involved in the Dresden craft workshops, with designs for furniture, commercial art and wallpaper. He was recognized widely for the quality of his posters and typography. He took part successfully in the Deutsche Kunstausstellung (Dresden, Städt. Ausstellungshalle) in 1899 and the Heim und Herd exhibition (1899–1900), Dresden. In 1903 he moved from Dresden to the artists’ colony at Matildenhöhe, near Darmstadt, designing furniture for the Blaues Haus. His typographic work on the catalogues for the exhibitions of 1904 and 1905 of the Darmstadt artists (see DARMSTADT) and his posters and advertisements for Bad Nauheim in 1904 were a notable contribution to modern advertising idiom. In 1906 Cissarz became head of book design at the teaching and experimental workshop of the Verein Würtembergischer Kunstfreunde in Stuttgart, later becoming a professor. Recognition of the ‘Cissarz Latin’ typeface (1911) secured his renown as a book designer. He continued to paint, producing decorative murals for the Hoftheater, Stuttgart, from 1912, and for the Friedenskirche in Offenbach. His furniture designs were executed by the Bernhard Stadler workshops in Paderborn; a piano design was executed by Schiedmayer & Söhne, Stuttgart. From 1916 he taught painting at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Frankfurt am Main. From the translation I got off google, it reads (with what words I could translate ): Man and wife Confrontation of the male one u Woman , Lichen body in anatomically detached models. Album to the woman as Haus Lady Doctor von Dr. Med. Anna Fischer-duckelmann in Zurich Promov. Suddeutsches Verlags-institut Munchen. This is on thick paper and it measures 9" x 6" closed. Sold as is. Quite a collectible to find this antique medical manual to help a man and woman prepare for marriage.

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